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The Personnel Quality Research In The Context Of The Scientific Development Concept

Posted on:2010-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275953905Subject:Administrative Management
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The scientific development concept is the guiding ideology for the work of our party and the country's current and future long-term.Learning,carrying out and implement the scientific concept of development is our most important task currently. At the end of 2003,the party and the country's working meeting present the talents strategy,the party's 17th report stressed the importance of this strategy to implement the scientific development concept,and this strategy was written into the constitution for the first time.The quality talent issue is the key to implementing this strategy.The scientific concept of development has made new demands on the quality of talent to re-examine the quality of qualified personnel,especially the quality of govemment personnel,professional and technical personnel,business management personnel that are the three main types of talents,and provided a new theoretical basis and requirements of high-quality personnel in line with contemporary economic and social development.Studying the relationship between the scientific concept of development and the quality and talent has great theoretical and practical significance.The first part of this article described the theory of scientific concept of development and human resources-related quality,analyze the relationship between the quality of qualified personnel and implementing the scientific concept of development: the quality of human resources is an important guarantee to promote economic and social's development;the highlighted embodiment to achieve a "people-oriented";the necessary foundation for a holistic grasp.The second part analyzed the new requirements on the main three types of personnel quality by the scientific concept of development:the party and government personnel should be human-oriented,with correct achievement view,in accordance with the law,have a sense of urgency and sense of responsibility,have anti-corrosion ability and quality of scientific leadership;professional and technical personnel must have the ability to develop innovative,positive teamwork spirit and integrated knowledge structure,good communication skills and other qualities;enterprise management personnel should have a good work ethic,a comprehensive professional quality,a strong entrepreneurial spirit,high operating management capabilities,and broad vision.The third part discussed the problems on quality of China's three main personnel at present,which have a certain gap to quality required by the scientific development concept.Then present the reasons for the existence of the problem in the view of the quality ideas of personnel,the selection and appointment mechanism,the management, supervision and restraint mechanisms and education and training.The fourth part provided several measurements to improve the talent quality at the base of the quality of the current personnel problems and the reasons from a macro-level:to establish a concept of quality which can be adapted to the continued development concept;to establish a scientific evaluation and employment mechanism; to establish a systemic personnel supervision and restraint mechanism;improve the education and training of human resources system in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept.Economic and social development as a high-quality personnel to provide support and protection.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Scientific Development Concept, Talent Quality, party-government talent, Enterprise Management Talent, professional and technical personnel
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