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Research On The Competent Quality Model Of Party And Government Talents From The Perspective Of Talent Evaluation And Development

Posted on:2017-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N XiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330485992393Subject:Human Resource Development and Talent Development
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Based on the strategy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China talent work, the research, aiming at talent evaluation and development, selects a representative organization, the land and resources system of people’s Republic of China. Then the competency model for the middle-ranking party and governmental leader whose level is equivalent to the director of division, has been explored and constructed at a deeper level.Methods such as literature review, strategic deductive approach, behavioral event interview(BEI) are used in this thesis. Furthermore, it is qualitative research method combined with quantitative research method that yields the results that make people believed. Finally, the author draws conclusions below, after a series of empirical studies.Firstly, competency model of director of division in Land and Resources has been thoroughly constructed which contains both differentiating and general competency. Consequently, this essay will demonstrate some of the differentiating and general competences. 10 differentiating competences are spirit of contribution, unswerving stand, team lead, developing others, strategy thinking, research ability, interpersonal relationship etc. On the other hand, 33 general competences are resource integration, devoting to work, communication & coordination, organization cognition, administer by law etc.Secondly, research shows the structural model of director of division. By means of exploratory factor analysis(EFA) on the questionnaire with 220 responds, 8-dimensional structural model has been built, in which are spirit of people in Land and Resources, performance oriented, study and continuous renewal, leadership, working creativity, specialized knowledge, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking. This empirical study verifies the existing theoretical research ideas.Thirdly, systemizing eight competences which are the most important as well as critical for director of division in Land and Resources. The competency includes: spirit of contribution, team work, responsibility and so on. Bilateral matching eight competences with talent strategy of China, the important and critical competences selected by talent of Land and Resources consist with the strategic requirements of Chinese government and Land and Resources system.Fourthly, comprehensively evaluating existing theories, author deduces the structural model into the “Shan Shui” model.The thesis suggests the strategic talent evaluation and development methods that also has been called “3-map” that brings competency model into action. Map 1 is the competency map with 43 competences(includes 10 differentiating competences). While map 2 and 3 are respectively named as talent assessment map and development map. Furthermore, a competency dictionary has been compiled as expected.Among all of the above, this thesis provides empirical based evidence and proposal to decision maker entrusted with the responsibilities of searching, developing and evaluating the talent. If the idea and method were undertaken, then the high potential talent pipeline within an organization would be built more efficient and more effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party leaders, Government leaders, Competency Model, Talent Assessment, Talent Development, Land and Resources
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