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Study On Talent International Competition And Strategies Of China's Talent Internationalization

Posted on:2010-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360272998883Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of economic globalization and the increasing depth of knowledge-based economy, the world structure and situation is undergoing profound and wide range of changes increasingly, international competition tends increasingly to become fierce. The competition is changed gradually from economic and military field to political, economic, cultural, diplomatic, education, social development and other fields. The final analysis, these competition in various fields is the competition for talent. We are turning from the era of resource capital depending development to the era of human capital depending development. In the future competition in the world, to lead the process of globalization and win competitive advantages, does not just rely on capital, resources, what more important is talent. The international high-end talent is the focus of competition. In this paper, on the basis of in-depth analysis of the international talent competition trend, Comparative Study of China's human resources development of the international status quo as well as the advantages, shortcomings and bottlenecks, from the perspective of globalization, assumptions of the construction for China's human resources international strategy system and specific policy measures should be taken, were put forward to provide the reference for personnel internationalization practice. The full text is divided into five parts:First part, the definition of related concepts. International personnel, personnel internationalization and related concepts has been made to define, based on the analysis of different interpretations for international talent by the domestic theory sector. In this part of this paper, the concept of international dynamic talent internationalization was imposed and discussed from the perspective of macro-management, and theoretical and practical significance of talent internationalization was expatiated.The second part, the trend research of the international competitiveness for talent. The point of view, which is a general trend for talent follow from relatively less developed countries to developed countries, was put forward by deep analysis of the flow of international talent and the causes and the status quo. International mobility of talent is the political, economic, social, cultural, ethnic, religious and other results of a variety of factors, and economic factors play a leading role. International competitiveness of human resources has the trend of broad range, wide covered objects and increasing competitive way diversification, and it has the characteristics of the trend talent pursuing for capital of a large amount of overseas,and it has been formed the talent of ethnic group descendants, and so on. Competitive means for international talent were sum up and analyzed in this part.Third part, the course, experience and problems of China's talent internationalization competition. From the encourage to study abroad, to attract back to China, from the introduction of foreign experts, training local internationalized personnel, to absorb the international foreign students, the courses and policies for an overview of the China's talent internationalized competition were summarized in several aspects. On this basis, the advantages of China's talent international competition,were deeply analyzed, as well as the prominent problems and the causes of the problems.The fourth part, the construction of the talent internationalization strategic system. Faced with the needs of increasingly fierce competition for talent in the international situation and China's well-off society and building an innovation-oriented country, talent internationalization strategic concept should be vigorously implemented, that is, to build an strategic system of human resources internationalization at the national level. Through the integration of all aspects of resources, coordination of all aspects of strength, and steadily push forward the internationalization strategy of talents. In this part, integrated designs were made on the personnel policy of internationalization strategy, objectives, key tasks, the implementation of these steps, the framework of systems, and security measures. six systems were proposed to set up the planning system, legal system, policies, system, project system, organizational system, information system, and all together to constitute the talent internationalization strategic system.The fifth part, suggestions of policy and measures. According to international experience and China's actual economic and social development, aimed at the weak links of China's human resources international development, we need to explore the implementation of dual nationality system, deeply reform the current green card system, immigration and temporary visa policy, reform the students recruiting system of colleges and universities, and well-establish related systems inclosing the state organs and institutions, state-owned enterprise employment system and the national education system. At the same time, specific policy measures were imposed, such as the establishment of national headhunting firm, the global network of overseas and international top talent database, and comprehensive improvement of the international quality of civil servants, the implementation of support programs for overseas students to return and establish a business and plans to introduce overseas top talent.
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