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The Analysis And Countermeasure Research On The Present Basketball Teaching Condition In Undergraduate Universities Of Gansu Province

Posted on:2010-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360278997005Subject:Physical Education and Training
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As the reform and the development of University sports teaching in our country, University's basketball culture of our country has obtained the widespread popularization and the dissemination, the basketball movement overall level, the movement form has all had the huge change.Facing the tendency that the university student love the basketball and the develops to the university basketball, what is the present teaching situation of Gansu Province, an economical relatively backward country, in the ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities basketball? How develops? what countermeasure to take? this paper launches a more exhaustive explaination on this question, in order to gain teaching benefits.This article mainly uses literature research techniques and questionnaire survey procedure, investigation research, logical analytic method and mathematical method of average, and take the basketball teachers and the university students (sports major exception) of 13 undergraduate colleges and universities of Gansu Province as the object of study; make the detailed investigation and study analysis to the basketball teacher troop of 13 undergraduate course colleges and universities, the basketball teaching present situation, the university student treated basketball situations and so on class manner, location equipment facility and extracurricular basketball movement.Based on research analysis above, we can draw the conclusion: 1. because the teacher's school record and the title structure is unreasonable, service training has the insufficiency, the basketball location equipment are insufficient, the room are few in undergraduate colleges and universities basketball of Gansu Province, the sleet weather is unable to carry on the normal basketball practice class teaching; 2. the evaluation criteria of basketball class inspection basically is consistent in various colleges and universities, lacks the more scientific accurate evaluation criteria; 3. there are differences on students'manner of theimportance of the basketball extracurricular activity and the participation extracurricular basketball between various colleges and universities; 4. the basketball practice class and the theory class of each undergraduate colleges and universities is reasonable.In addition, the basketball theory class uses the teaching material to originate mainly is the series which the Ministry of Education promulgates arranges the teaching material, but in the school from arranges the teaching material utilization to be few; 5. using traditional teaching method causes the basketball classroom appear relatively monotonously; 6. the students study the basketball with the goal which are not merely grasp the basketball movement skill, but builds up strength and healthy body and will, while adjust mood, associates the grasping knowledge with the human, enhances the sports culture accomplishment and so on.On the foundation of research analysis, I propose several corresponding countermeasures to solves the question, namely: 1. strengthens the teacher ability and construct teachers troop, raise the overall quality of teacher, formulates the sustainable development personnel training mechanism, develops the academic exchanges of various colleges and universities, and promotes the teacher teaching power; 2. enlarging basketball curriculum and educational reform dynamics, taking the importance of the students' ability of the comprehensive raise of the basketball course, opening the basketball theory class, the prominent usability and the guidance, which will cause the student grasp the science to exercise bodily; 3. According to the student actual situation uses the teaching method both conforming to the teaching rule and suiting the student characteristic, constructs the multimedia classroom specially for the special-purpose of starting university sports theory class, simultaneously enlarges dynamics to the gym instructor and the sports courseware surveillance, riches the sports theory class and the teaching method; 4. according to the student different level, consummation basketball class inspection appraisal system, uses actual teaching assessment method suiting the student which many kinds of appraisal way unifies, formulates dynamically, nimble, reasonable standers of individual evaluation criteria; 5.strengthens to basketball teaching supervising and managing, enhances the student's cognition ability to the basketball movement, the department responsible for the work should strengthen to the teacher teaching manner, the sense of responsibility, the course content, the method and so on supervising and managing, makes it to set up the good example for the student, causing the student develop the deeper level understanding of basketball movement; 6. strengthens the student's consciousness of participating in the extracurricular basketball activitises, building the solid foundation for the lifelong physical culture, the full display extracurricular basketball activities to make up the limitation of the sports teaching, thus promoting sports teaching goal realized smoothly, sharpening student's sports ability;7.collects the fund in multi-channel, enlarges the location equipment construction, fully transfers the entire social strengthes, takes the positive measure, and enlarges the facility in the original foundation construction.
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