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Researches On The University Graduates Employment And The Quality View Of Higher Education

Posted on:2011-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360302499843Subject:Higher Education
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Education is the cornerstone of social progress and national development. It is the fundamental way for improving national quality and promoting people's overall development. Giving priority to the development of education and improving the modernization of education are of decisive significance to the full realization of the well-off society and the building of a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country. Higher education has always played a special important role in our education system and it is one of the fastest developing parts. To 2006 the higher education of our country has finished the development from elite education to popular education within only 6-7 years, which is the inevitable result of rapid developed social economy and higher education from the Reform and Opening. But with the extraordinary development of higher education, the graduates employment problem are increasingly stern as to a major social problem related to people's livelihood and has direct impact on our economic development and social stability. Therefore, the analysis of the employment status of college graduates and the deep reasons for graduate unemployment is highly valuable and meaningful. It is the urgent need of our country's social economy development and the construction of a country with strong human resources and full of innovation. It represents for the concerns for people's livelihood and maintaining of people's interests. Also it is an important part of higher education reform and development on a new historical stage.From the perspective of higher education, there are internal relations between the problem of graduate employment and the quality of higher education, which is to say that the problem of graduate employment is the concentrated reflection of unsatisfactory quality of higher education. There are both conceptual and physical reasons for this, of which the former is the basic, fundamental and dominate one.Based on the discussion above, this thesis contains of three parts. (A) First, in combination with the employment situation changes of graduates of electronic information majors of a 985 college, we analyzed the fundamental problems of graduate employment. Because of the in-coordinative and not unified development of the quality and quantity of graduate supply, the deteriorating supply-demand contradiction became a direct cause of the increasingly severe graduate employment. This thesis clarifies that due to the fact that we still have not form a quality view adapting to popular higher education and guiding our higher education development with it, physically we still have not establish an educational mode for innovative talents adapting to popular higher education under the guidance of a scientific and reasonable quality view. This has seriously affected the quality of our higher education and the quality of talents cultivation, which is a deep-seated reason for the increasingly serious unemployment situation. (B) Then, under the theoretical framework of higher education, this thesis analyzed and examined the content and changes of quality view of higher education systematically. It declared that the quality view of higher education adapting to our current economic and social development level should be developmental and diversified. Also, this thesis reflects on all the impacts of higher education talent training with stakeholder analysis methods. (C) Finally, based on the theoretical analysis to the quality view of higher education and innovative talent training mode research universities should uphold, this thesis discussed the approaches for research universities to build its innovative talent training mode, combined with conclusions of case analysis.In higher education practices, we must not only establish developmental and diversified quality view of higher education, but also build an innovative talent training mode so as to improve the quality of higher education talent training and release the contradiction between graduates supply and talent demand. All these measures will be helpful to the solving of graduate employment problem that impacts economic development and social stability, as is of vital importance for the benign and sustainable development of our national economy and higher education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Graduate Employment, Quality View of Higher Education, Talent Training Mode
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