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Research On Rural Poverty Of Shanxi Province

Posted on:2011-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W R ShiFull Text:PDF
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This dissertation makes a deep study on the mechanism, characteristics of current situation, and the solution of the poverty problem of rural areas in Shanxi province. This problem is studied from two different perspectives– horizontal and longitudinal perspectives.The study from longitudinal perspective is made firstly, That is, a dynamic study is made on the poverty problem of rural areas in Shanxi province from the develop process of the rural areas in Shanxi. Characteristics of current situation of the poverty problem of rural areas in Shanxi is researched from the number ,distribution , structure of the poor people and the degree of the poor respectively. A generalization is made from economic area and cultural area, the interaction among the various cause factors of poverty is studied too. When do this, the availability of indicators is considered, correlation analysis is applied, the intrinsic link among the factors in the dynamic process is explored, the main factors of poverty formation ar generalized, and the key problems are identified.The study from horizontal perspective is made secondly, an systematic comparison about the status of rural development between Shanxi and other regions (eastern region, central region, and western region,) is made. A complete index system, which from four dimension - economic, environment, resource and culture, to evaluate the rural poverty is offered. Factor analysis is applied when evaluate the poverty degree of every region in China, then, the relative poverty level of Shanxi rural area is measured in the frame of all regions in China. The development a feature of the region which has a common is analyzed, the strengths and weaknesses of rural areas in Shanxi province is analyzed too.Finally, the objective factors and the underlying factors, which causes the rural poverty in the development of rural areas in Shanxi province, the future direction of rural areas is analyzed, practicable scheme to alleviate poverty is given.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shanxi province, poverty, Index System, factor analysis
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