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Research Of The Statistical Data Quality Inspection And Evaluation

Posted on:2011-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous improvement of living standards and increasingly diversified the main body of the market economy, the community needs for statistical data more widely. The information becomes a major factor of production, and then, statistics is with public goods properties. In order to make scientific planning and strategy, the macro-control, department in charge of the government's macroeconomic and social development requires a comprehensive, accurate, systematic and timely statistical data. In order to fierce competition in the market with leading edge, the demand for statistical data of personal, collective, enterprises and other micro-economic entities,especially enterprises. Therefore, the community has given wider attention and higher requirements to the statistical data. But, regardless of the community demand for statistical data comparison, or the accounting and statistical data and statistics published by the operational requirements of international standards, compared the quality of government statistics in China now have a gap.In order to meet the social and economic development process of the community for statistical data better, in order to further the cause of our statistics with international standards, enhancing the authenticity of statistical data and international comparability of statistical data, it is necessary to do the research of the quality of the quantitative test reliability analysis, comprehensive evaluation, and a systematic study of the issue.First this text sets out from the statistical data and the connotation of the quality, introducing the concept of the statistical data quality of the overall system; Next,start with the research of the distribution regulation of statistical data, study the problem of accuracy test of statistical data. Using lognormal normal distribution test to carry on the quantitative test and the recognition to the statistical data quality and the unusual data which reflect research object scale size. And use relative fitting error to measure statistical data non-uniform error;Then introduce the Ben ford's law theory and the method systematically of using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to carry on the overall superior test of the government statistical data quality. Includes the establishment of step level appraisal target system, target weight determination, calculates the factor weight in various levels, uniform test of judgment matrix, and built up the final fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of the government statistical data quality according to the above-mentioned standard; Finally selects the partial main social economy total quantity target from Chinese statistics yearbook 2010 to carry on the real diagnosis analysis:(1)Confirm these social economy total quantity targets using the description statistics and the K-S inspection method to obey the lognormal normal distribution. (2) According to the two levels of inspection methods which this article proposed to carry on accuracy and the overall superior test for these social economy total quantity targets. Thus achieves the goal of evaluate government statistical data quality comprehensively. Finally subtotal the merit and insufficient of this two levels of inspection methods. And proposed the direction how to improve diligently in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:statistical data, quality inspection, lognormal normal distribution, outlier recognition, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
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