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City Lights Of The Era Of Civilization

Posted on:2017-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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2004 is known as the "Ge Shuiping", the publishing of six novellas such as "Shouting hill", "Whiplash", "Geogas", "Day of mourning", "Dog dogdog", "The third dog" not only shocked the Chinese contemporary literature, but also made Ge Shuiping who was the almost forty years old famous as a novelist becoming the grand debut of Qinshui after Zhao Shuli. This paper selects Ge Shuiping as the research object, Ge Shuiping creation of " narrative speed ", and "spiritual space" as the research perspective,the integrated use of social historical research, biographical text reading studies, comparative studies, and other research methods, in the era background of the prosperity of urban civilization and the collapse of rural civilization, explores the origin, connotation and significance of the Ge Shuiping writing style.This paper consists of three chapters, each chapter is located in three sections, plus the introduction and conclusion, there is a total of five parts.The introduction discusses the selection of Ge as the topic of my master’s thesis, Ge Shuiping works of the quantity, quality and the degree of concern and unique enough to constitute a master’s thesis. On the basis of reading a large number of documents and sorting out the previous research results, it is found that the Ge Shuiping’s study has some shortcomings and loopholes, there is fewer than its narrative style and spiritual level to explore. Therefore, in comparison with other writers, the author highlights the uniqueness of Ge Shuiping’s writing, specifically and deeply explores the narrative style and spiritual space of Ge Shuiping’s writing.The first chapter discusses the causes of writing style of Ge Shuiping’s works. The geographical origin influence the writer’s position, social origin constitute external inducement of writers, professional background influencing the writer’s literary concept. Therefore, this paper reveals Ge Shuiping creation style formation reason respectively from three aspects of the natural scenery, culture and family environment. The rural scenery, scenery of life, traditional farming etc. just like in "idyllic" as soothing, means of livelihood, folk customs, mysterious force etc. to form a map of the social mirror the landscape, growing experience, family love and marriage, literary enlightenment etc. to form the creative concept of the Ge Shuiping, all of which occurred in the solidification time and closed space, imperceptibly into the root of the Ge Shuiping "narrative speed" and "spiritual space" and the origin.The second chapter discusses Ge Shuiping’s "narrative speed" in the process of writing. Both emotional tendency reflected in Ge Shuiping fascination with pre modern life, for example, she has a crush on a garage and likes traditional crafts, but also reflected in her soothing calm narrative strategy, by slowing down the narrative rhythm(such as dialogue, the foreshadowing, scenes depicting, etc.) and distance control two techniques enable works ease, which is also reflected in the characters that generally have a very calm and quiet attitude to life. Ge Shuipingcreates a rich poetic by poetic language,shows the meaning of antique by simple " original ecology" way of writing, and also write country style with tenderness, so these are dense with genteel tone, as if to let the years and the time to slow down. Ge Shuiping soothing writing is a rejection of the fast pace of urban civilization, in the literary creation of the Ge Shuiping, there are two types of characters worthy of special attention, one of the cities from the countryside "strollers", one of city life "flee by". The city and the countryside are out of tune, the city is not going to accept the countryside, the countryside is difficult to melt into the city. The country people are used to the village slowly, the village became emotional support they can not let go; City people have a disappointment or dissatisfaction with the city life, they choose to flee or distance. Ge Shuiping also wrote about the differences and repulsionbetween Chinese and Western culture, for her characters, although the country has cut the umbilical cord,the blood culture slowly flowing is all about the countryside but tireless, lifelong companionship, even in a foreign country, but never get a sense of presence, belonging and location.Therefore, the city is not a pure land inhabited by the spirit, is not placed soul forever "Utopia", either. The city’s escape from the city also illustrates the value of the rural civilization.The third chapter discusses the Ge Shuiping creation of "spiritual space", mainly embodies in the three aspects such as the occlusion of the deep "chronotope" spiritual space model, the daily life of the spirit and the national spirit of history of rural gap. Conversion with the works of Bakhtin’s "chronotope theory" to interprete of Ge Shuiping’s works can better demonstrate her value and significance of agricultural civilization space of cycle time, "village- Village-Town- City- foreign" space-time body conversion, the difference of physiological and psychological time and space to build a special space and time specific(such as morbid, canola flower fields, Asada, the grave) together constitute the ambiguity and richness of Ge Shuiping works. Ge Shuiping picked up the forgotten story placed spiritual space, she was in search of daily life and historical gap as the spiritual field of sustenance. She was in suffering daily sustenance of the brave spirit of the village, in the trivial daily sustenance of rural secular beauty feeling, in the lives of ordinary country daily sustenance of the countryman hardworking spirit, in the traditional mode of "folk + literati" ignited the rural noble spirit, Mr. Meng Fanhua proposed "super stable cultural structure" just confirmed the Ge Shuiping of rustic spirit stick and conversion. Ge Shuiping wrote the pain and memoryof history horizontal cracks, she did not choose the theme of the grand narrative of history, nor did show a strong hand and resolute in history, but downplayed the historical background for the story narrative, wrote history simmering personal destiny ups and downs fluctuations, and revealedthe folk people treat attitude toward history, with small incision angle to reveal the history of cruelty and human perseverance, sketch out the color of lifeof national spirit and reproduction of racial self-confidence. Of course, Ge Shuiping also vividly wrote a brutal war or absurd political movement ruthless harm humanity, or made men lose "body carnival" qualifications or made a man’s sexual desire deformed and abnormal, which is another form of historical events as the spirit of place.Conclusion discusses the significance and value of "narrative speed" and "spiritual space", "the collapse of rural civilization" has become a well-known fact that there are both theoretical interpretation and empirical study of various fictional and non fictional works, in the spring tide of such literature Ge Shuiping tried to break through the spirit, she resolutely adhered to local writing, nowadays, there were more ant "metaphor" and strong "local air", which is a way for Ge Shuiping to protect rural civilization. In the era of rapid development of modern civilization, in the era of the world gradually falling apart, in the era of not telling fromwhether good or bad, Ge Shuiping regards herself as rural civilization watchman", by virtue of the Pirates fire hero "Prometheus" courage and pushing the stone masters "Sisyphus" perseverance, strolled on the edge of a rural civilization collapse, drowned in the dark in the fork, carefully distinguishing, carefully exploring the road ahead. She carefully guarded the rural civilization left the village spirit and the national spirit in the history of the gap, stubborn and determined to walk in the countryside on the road of civilization, when rejecting of urban civilization, she also provided a guide for urban civilization, which is Ge Shuiping powerful spiritual aura and the charm.
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