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A Study On The Space Narration Of Fei Ming's Poems

Posted on:2018-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330518965911Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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The Study of Fei Ming's poetry in this paper which lies on the foundation of the angle of space and the spatial narrative theory opens a new breakthrough,it seeks to explore the spiritual resource and the cultural value contained in Fei Ming's poems and to deepen the understanding of the poetry of Fei Ming and Fei Ming itself in a more reasonable explanation.The chapter one,It seeks to explain the origin and development of the spatial narrative theory from the three aspects of novel,film and poetry of the spatial narrative theory,but it further analyzes the development and evolution of spatial narrative theory in Fei Ming's modern poetry from the perspective of the evolution of the space narrative of the poetry of Fei Ming.The chapter two from the living space,image space and spiritual space in three aspects to more profound elaboration deep meaning of narrative space shown in the modern poetry in Fei Ming's poetry,the pursuit of "Modernity" between the lines,are rich in poetry in the thick of Zen,and vivid portrayal of a poet of human loneliness sense.The chapter three,combined with Fei Ming's new poetic theory,makes a detailed explanation of the artistic expression form of "the complete" and "scattered" in the space narrative of Fei Ming's poetry.And it analyzes the significance and limitation of Fei Ming's poetry space narrative.This thesis tries to explain to Fei Ming made brilliant achievements in poetry creation from the three aspects above,especially embodied in poetry "tradition" and "modern" perfect combination,let people see a valuable cultural wealth for modern poetry he presented China.In the broad field of modern Chinese poetry,he opened up a field of introduction,and carried out hard sowing and cultivation.Fei Ming's poetry can stand the test of time,beyond the height of modern poetry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fei Ming, Space narrative, Poetry, Image space, Modernity, Spiritual space
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