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A Study On EU 's Economic Foreign Policy And Decision - Making Mechanism

Posted on:2015-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330422467551Subject:International relations
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Since the establishment of the European Community, Europe has come to the stage ofworld politics and economics as an distinctive actor, in the field of economic diplomacy, ithas played a quite important role for a long period.As an distinctive actor, it’s very worthy studying the role; the mechanism andinstitution of decision-making of the EU in the economic diplomacy. There are four mainparts in this paper, namely the introduction of the EU’s economic diplomacy; methods andmeasures; the influencing factors and the mechanism of decision-making of the EU ineconomic diplomacy.In this paper, the most important issue that I try to explain is, for the EU, how to defineeconomic diplomacy and what’s the content of economic diplomacy. First, the externaltrade policy and the financial policy are the two main fields of EU’s economic diplomacy.Second, EU’s decision making mechanisms largely diverge in different fields thanks to theinfluence of various elements. Third, the decision making mechanism is constantlychanging, it’s a game between the EU super-national bodies and the national government.With the implementation of The Treaty of Lisbon, although the community hasobtained a stronger power of decision making in practice, but the dispute between the EUand the member states will never stop, there comes a great challenge of how to balance theinterests of those two actors.
Keywords/Search Tags:European Union, economic diplomacy, external trade policy, financialregulatory policy, decision-making
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