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An Analysis Of The Establishment Process And Effectiveness Of EU External Operations

Posted on:2017-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330503476121Subject:International relations
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The European External Action Service(EEAS), a new professional diplomatic service,was founded after the Lisbon Treaty. It is a significant innovation in European diplomacy,aiming at assisting European Union Foreign Affairs and Security Policy High Representative with integrating EU’s scattered diplomatic resources and inefficient external actions. This thesis is supposed to deal with EEAS, to make a summative explanation of the founding background, process, related realms of EEAS and to analyze its drawbacks as well as challenges.Firstly, the paper briefly introduces the history of European common diplomacy from the first beginning of political cooperation, the Common Foreign and Security Policy(CFSP),and three basic treaties of EU, which are closely related to EEAS. All of these provide basic information for the following paragraphs. Secondly, this paper analyzes EEAS’s basic structure, including personnel recruitment and construction, department structure, as well as the relations and interactions with other EU institutions and Member States; Thirdly, it is recognized the effective role of EEAS, however, problems exist internally and externally.including difficulties of resource integration, inefficient coordination, low international recognition, inefficiency and fund shortage. Taking EEAS’s actions during “Arab Spring” as the example, this paper analyzes the underlying reasons why EEAS failed to give the rein to its due effects. It is illustrated that EEAS is conducive to promoting coherence and consistency of EU diplomatic policy, nevertheless, the dominating constraints on EEAS,namely Intergovernmentalism inside the EU, cannot be ignored, especially the fact that member states are trying to maximum their own national interests. The practices of the EEAS might not so satisfied, but its political significance to EU and the whole process of European integration would be the existence and original motivation of the development of the EEAS.Therefore, both the problems and achievements in these five years deserve objective treat,also we should envisage the possibilities of further development of the EEAS and European foreign relations.
Keywords/Search Tags:European diplomacy, European External Action Services, Foreign Affairs and Security Policy High Representative, Treaty of Lisbon, Arab Spring
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