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A Study On The Transformation Of Government Functions In The Innovation Of Social Governance

Posted on:2015-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431468257Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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To consolidate and innovate social management hasbeen talked about a lot. In June,2006, the fourth session of16th CCCP congress puts forward:” We should rein forcesocial management and construction. We should alsoaccelerate the innovation of social management system”; In2007, The Report at17th Party Congress also points out:“We will establish a sound social management systemwhich is lead by our party, in the charge of our government,agreed by society and attended by the public” and it’sobvious that social management has been absorbed into amore perfect system. In the third session of18thCCPCcongress in November,2013, as one of the most importantcontents,“to innovate the system of social administration”was pointed out according to current times and practice.Meanwhile,“To boost the modernization of nationalmanagement system and management capacity” was firstproposed in China.What’s the difference between “social management”and “social governance”? In the opinion of Li Peilin, thefamous scholar,“social management” and “socialgovernance” have great differences although they look likeeach other. There are three differences between them. Thefirst difference lies in different coverage.“Socialmanagement” covers an excessively range, which isdifficult to control and define; However,“social governance” pays more attention to stimulate the vigor ofsocial organization, to prevent and defuse social conflictsand strengthen and improve the system of public security.The second difference shows that “social governance”emphases more “on encouraging and supporting fullparticipation”, more on the influence of social force andless on government control. The third difference revealsthat “social governance” stresses institutional improvementand stresses the dissolving of social conflicts should be inthe legal thinking and solution. Social governance system isa very important part of national governance system.To innovate social governance system and realize themodernization of national governance system should bebased on the present situation and characteristic of China.There is no doubt that China takes the modern anddevelopmental road dominated by the government as abackward-modernized country. The government plays animportant role in boosting the modernization of all fieldswhen multi-subject social governance is growing.Therefore, the government is both the objective and themain part to be reformed. It’s significant to have a study ofgovernment transition in innovating social governance intheory and practice.This paper consists of four chapters. The first chapteranalyzes the urgency to transit government functions toinnovate social governance. As is well-known that thehighly centralized political and economic system in a long time after the founding of the state make our governmentomnipotent. However, the "the all-round government" notonly reduced the efficiency but also hindered the growingof social force after it started to be in charge of all fields ofour country. After the reform and opening-up policy, socialfields change a lot and the all-round government can’t fitnew management requirements because the establishmentand improvement of market economy system. It’s obviousthat government transition has become the necessaryrequirement and basic premise.The second chapter discusses the challenges whentransiting government functions during social governanceinnovation. The government transition is the critical pointto innovate social government. In terms of socialgovernance innovation, there are four problems forgovernment transition. Firstly, government transitiondoesn’t take ideal effects although it has been put forwardfor a period of time. The relation between government andsociety is not so good and government functions are notperfect. Secondly, government functions impresses onpeople with “control and govern”while social force isweak and mul-ti subject social government is immature;Thirdly, social government innovation demands more legalmethods than political methods while the former ones lagbehind the latter ones. Fourthly, the government ignores theconstruction of people’s livelihood in some degree becauseof burdened function to construct economy and emphasis on GDP. The four problems are urgent to be solved.The third chapter illustrates why government transitionis slow during social government innovation. Three reasonscan be served as the keys. Firstly, in traditionalmanagement concept, the concept is prior to the reform.Therefore, the concept should be conversed beforegovernment transition. Secondly, it’s subject to the boundof traditional management system. Obviously, traditionalmanagement system can’t adapt to the new requirementsand institutional reform needs a progressive course.Actually, we have proposed that the reform ofadministrative system is used to transit governmentfunctions. It is undeniable that the old system and modelstill works during social government. Thirdly, it’s subjectto the mismatched institutional reforms. In some degree,it’s the key factor which restricts the transition ofgovernment functions. The transition of governmentfunctions is a systematic project which needs cooperationwith economy, politics, cultures and other aspects. The bigreform space and imperfects stop the government functionsfrom transiting smoothly.The fourth chapter points out several ponders onproblems government transition have during socialgovernment innovation. It’s open to deal with challengesand realize good administration. It’s endless to makesummary for better administration. Therefore, the paperwill briefly introduce how America, England and Japan transit government functions during social governmentfirstly; The paper will present beneficial enlightenmentsafter analyzing the experience from the above countriessecondly; The paper will tell us how to transit governmentfunctions during social government innovation from theshifting of ideas to improving people’s livelihood. It isemphasized that the reform and innovation of social causeis the highest priority.
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