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Transition Of Government During The Economic Functions Of Conversion

Posted on:2005-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125457730Subject:National Economics
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Government's economic function refers to the role of government in organization and management of social economic construction the demand for government is derived from economic operation of itself. In modern market economy country, the economic function of government generally includes establishment of market regulations, maintenance of economic order, macro coordination and control, stabilization of macroeconomy, organization and realization of public product supply, redistribution of income and relief of unfair income distribution. The favorable development of market economy can hardly do without government's economic function, whose contents aren't similar fully at different historic stages or in different countries. In the development of marketing economy, the role of government undergoes the pattern transition of "night watchman" - interve nor-mixed type. With economic development, government's economic function tends to continuous development.By some analytical methods like comparative analysis, demonstration analysis and historical analysis, this paper firstly determinates the economic function of our government in regulatory transition period, basing on reference of international experiences and combining our imperfect market system in regulatory transition period. Though the analysis of malpractice of planned economy, it explains the necessity and feasibility of transition of our government's current economic function in consideration of the reality of economic globalization and our economic system reform. On the base of the investigation of transitional course of our government's economic function, the author raises own basic idea to transform our government's economic functions in view of the malpractice of our government's economic function and untoward effect of marketing operation.The author thinks that our government's economic function in regulatory transition period includes cultivation and perfection of market system, maintenance of market order, regulation and control of macro economy, supply of public products, settlement of income gap, promotion of competitive power of enterprise and management of state-owned assets etc. Therefore, government should adopt some measures as driving reform of our state-owned enterprises, establishing unified, open and fairly competitive domestic market, effectively promoting the competitive power of Chinese industry by various means, improving government's management mode, advancing government's work efficiency, putting legaladministration into effect, separating reasonably functions of central government and local government, strengthening systematic construction and maintaining national economic security in open situation etc to transform government's economic function in place and guarantee good operation of market economy, by way of intensifying macro coordination and control function, weakening micromanagement function, separating partial governmental economic function and strengthening social management function etc.
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