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Examination And Reconstruction Of The Three - Oriented Inter - Institutional Relationship In Urban Community Governance

Posted on:2015-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China’s urban community autonomy is based on the inheritance of thetraditional resources self-governance among urban residents, adapt to the need ofmodern urban management. It is of great significance in the major innovation in theaspect of urban grass-roots management system and to realize community residentsautonomy as the carrier of the city democracy at the grassroots level construction. It isan integral part of building socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics. Partyeighteen big report also stressed to accelerate reform of the social system, speed upthe formation of the party committee leadership, government responsibility,nongovernmental support and public participation, the rule of law guarantee system ofsocial management.Since2010, in the practice of the grass-roots social management innovation,Jiangsu province accumulated a wealth of experience on the leadership of the party,government, and the relationship between the city community autonomy. The basicideas are: first, the government social management center of gravity down in order tostrengthen the government social management and public service in the community;Second, clear the autonomous organization and function of fostering communitymass organizations, efforts to promote community autonomy management; Third, tostrengthen the construction of community party organization, adhere to the party ofsocial autonomous management of political, ideological and organizational leadership,play a collaborative parties in the construction of party organization in the community.Currently, there are lots of understanding on how to deal with three relations of fuzzyzone, new situations and problems need to research for both academia andgovernment.This paper use the qualitative research methods. In view of the current situationof the construction of urban communities of some cities in the province of Jiangsu,analyzes its problems, and puts forward how to better realize the city communityconstruction and community management innovation. Besides preface and conclusion,the main body of this paper consists of three parts: the first chapter mainly elaboratedour current situation of city community construction and community managementinnovation, from the development of urban community autonomy, the governmentpublic service and public administration development in the community constructionand community party organization construction of the three present situation has carried on the detailed elaboration. The second chapter mainly discusses the currentproblems of urban community construction, a detailed analysis including rolecommunity committee and town government, city of functions of grassrootsgovernment’s role positioning and the absence of problems, the community partyorganization’s ability and role positioning problem. The problem comes down to thesethree aspects, break through the path dependence. The third chapter mainly elaboratedthe city residents’ committees, city government and community party organizations atthe grass-roots level to play their respective roles, in order to realize the politicalleadership of the party and the government governance according to law and theeffective connection of urban community autonomy and the benign interaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban community social management, Urban communityresidents’ committees, Urban grass-roots government, City community partyorganization, Role definition
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