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A Study On The Interaction Of Sino - American Triangle Relations In The Background Of American Strategy

Posted on:2015-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431472186Subject:International politics
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After the end of the cold war, profound changes have taken place in the power structure of the asia-pacific region,the relationship between China, America and Japan the interests of the foundation and structure properties are also have taken important changes, the new triangle begin to form. Although did not exist in any form of the triangle mechanism of China, America and Japan, but it doesn’t mean that,the triangle does not exist. The strategic adjustment of the relationship between China, America and Japan and the countries of foreign policy, all in each other’s foreign policy and national acts as a reference, day three parties of China and the United States in the interaction are not consciously with the triangle consciousness. In this way, a long period of time after the end of the cold war, the triangular relationship between China, America and Japan are mainly as follows:the three countries in the political, economic, military, culture and so on various friction and competition in the field of present alternately fierce and moderate state, in order not to damage the triple their long-term interests and pay attention to strengthen dialogue and communication, coordinating the relationship between each other, to achieve effective cooperation in the fierce competition of normal relations. In a word, after the cold war, China and the United States triangle interaction while rendering a certain amount of asymmetry, triangle mechanism is still not mature, but still keep stable on the whole.High-profile announced that the Obama administration took office in2008,"return to the asia-pacific" strategy, the United States began a comprehensive strategic shift, in various fields, such as politics, economy, culture, military launched a substantial and specific measures, the triangular relationship between China, America and Japan had huge impact and the frequent interaction between the triangle in this period, intense, influence extent is also unprecedented. The United States to prevent rising Chinese power and are marginalized in the asia-pacific region, will balance China as an important strategic considerations, the game became the main contradiction in the Asia Pacific region. Japan to follow the strategy pursued containment strategy, its focus on islands, makes itself is full of friendly relations between China and Japan by the overall stability of the vulnerability deteriorating towards the brink of collapse, coupled with rising domestic YouQingHua, also make the triangular relationship between China, America and Japan in the future interactive development is full of uncertainties, triangle also more complex. But, as a big country in the asia-pacific region, the three countries must enhance strategic mutual trust, set up a dialogue mechanism, realize the benign interaction of the triangle, it is not only beneficial to maintain a normal relationship among the three countries, but also help the stability of the asia-pacific and the world.Based on the current U.S. strategic shift as a background to study the triangle interaction between China, America and Japan, so inevitably to a certain extent can highlight America’s strategic initiative, but this is not the same as the two countries will be passively accept American dominance, triangular interaction has always been a multidirectional rather than a single interaction. The full text mainly follow the following ideas:first, a brief review of the cold war after the triangle interaction history of China, America and Japan, in the analysis of the triangular interaction reveals the essence and the inherent interactive characteristics; Second, from a historical perspective to elaborate the process of the United States east strategy, the current of the Obama administration’s comprehensive strategic shift strategy a detailed analysis of the causes, measures; Third, through the us strategic shift to different strategic point and the influence of the two countries, bilateral relations and the overall interaction of triangle were analyzed, and predict future interaction to triangle; Fourth, on the basis of the analysis of the above content, is how to achieve the positive interaction of the triangular relationship between China, America and Japan put forward reasonable Suggestions.
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