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The Influence On The Building Of The North-East Asia Security Cooperation Mechanism Of The United States-Japan-South Korea Triangle And Study On The Countermeasures Of China

Posted on:2013-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371972875Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Since in recent times North-East Asia has been a hotspot of the international political area due to its geo-political and geo-economic importance and complexity of the security structure and cultural background. With the easing situation in the world and the rapid development of the global economy, Northeast Asian countries fully aware:maintainning the regional peace and stability, promoting national development and prosperity are the common concerns of States.So constructing a regional security cooperation mechanism has become an important and urgent problem with conforming to the trend of the times for Northeast Asian countries.Construction of a security mechanism in Northeast Asia is inseparable from the interaction between the relationships of the major strategic forces in the region, US-Japan-South Korea triangle relation is one of the important variables. As we all know, during the cold war Asia-Pacific Alliance policy for United States played an important political and economic role, so United States inherited this legacy to continue to strengthen and consolidate relations with allies Japan and South Korea after the cold war. Today, US-Japan-South Korea triangle relation has become the most notable geographic features of Northeast Asia and also has a decisive influence on the construction of the security mechanism in Northeast Asia.In this article, we first define the concepts related to the international mechanism,the security mechanism, Northeast Asia, United States-Japan-South Korea Triangle;Second combining the reality with Northeast Asia,we induct the condition of the security mechanism in Northeast Asia into major power relations, political mutual trust and common will of the three which are based on the definition of relevant security mechanisms which the United States scholar Robert Jervis made.That how the US-Japan-South Korea triangle affects the relations among the major powers, political mutual trust between national in Northeast Asia and shared will in this region.The last but not the least we focus on debating whether and how to construct the security mechanism in Northeast Asia with the backround which the US-Japan-South Korea triangle remain within a certain period of phased implementation.In Northeast China is the major powers which has unshirkable historical responsibility and international obligations in building a regional security mechanism. China is at the core of the Northeast Asian region,so regional security and stability or not directly related to China’s national security and the smooth implementation of national strategy of building a well-off society. This research helps us to recognize the future strategic direction of the US-Japan-South Korea triangle and to take effective measures to promote the construction of a security mechanism in Northeast Asia. Provide some reference for the effective national development strategy and being ensure to form a peaceful and stable environment conductive to the modernization of our country in the Northeast Asia.
Keywords/Search Tags:US-Japan-South Korea triaJlgle relations, major power relations, politicalmutual trust, shared will
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