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A Study On The Positive Effect Of Court Culture On Trial Quality

Posted on:2013-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330434966182Subject:Public administration
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Modern management studies show that management theory through two leap, leap from the experience of management to scientific management, the second is the leap from scientific management to cultural management. Management areas in certain industries, the word culture has even par and management. Compared to those who have better management theory based industries, cultural management of the court system is still in the exploratory stage, the culture of the court or a in the academic community is not being taken seriously or said or did not receive the attention it deserves.After entering the21st century, the cultural construction of the Court started to become an important part of the work of the Court. The cultural construction of the Court is still in the exploratory stage "feeling the stones", the lack of relevant theory to guide the court system for the cultural construction "recount", but after combing is not difficult to find in many parts of the court during the cultural construction of the Court, betting more attention to the material culture of the court building, in short, they focus primarily on the culture of the material property. Whether or not willing to admit that some courts in the understanding of the general cultural construction "slogan*culture building "style" in the operation will be in the role will be the cultural construction of "auxiliary" phenomenon, the cultural construction of the Court of uneven development construction of material culture at the same time to achieve significant results, the disadvantages are also increasingly apparent. The court culture is like a huge container, with its "be tolerant to diversity,""broadmindedness" all activities "in the bag", resulting in the body of judges "father," can not find it with other activities What are the differences over time that the process is linked in all the activities available and the court culture equate, so a lot of misunderstanding of the cultural "universal theory" and cultural "useless" culture "show on the" start to breed. The final analysis, does not match the cultural construction of the Court to judge the quality and the effective management, the cultural value and utility of the Court did not really reflected.I tried a grass-roots courts China’s coastal survey, research the positive role of the court culture of the hospital trial management. As advanced units of the National Court System’ window, the cultural construction demonstration unit of the courts in the province, the province’s excellent court, the hospital practice has proved:the culture of the Court as a special cultural phenomenon and management tools, and career of judges of character shaping and trial quality efficiency improvement plays an important role to judge the quality of work efficiency, only advanced the court culture to enhance trial quality effect evaluation system to test the effectiveness of the cultural construction of the court in order to resolve from the true sense of the cultural construction and trial quality effect "and two skin "phenomenon.
Keywords/Search Tags:Court Culture, Trial quality and efficiency, Trialmanagement
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