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The Research On Disharmonious Doctor-patient Relationship With The Self-governance Theory

Posted on:2018-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The doctor-patient relationship is a special complexity of the relationship between doctors and patients in medical activities,which plays an increasingly important role in the medical and healthy system reform.The doctor-patient relationship has direct or indirect effect on doctors and patients or society.The harmonious doctor-patient relationship,which not only protects the patient's health but also reflects the value of doctors and the overall level of diagnosis about hospital.However,the current doctor-patient relationship is that not again trusting each other,the doctor-patient conflict and disputes are increasing,so the doctor-patient relationship becomes more and more serious.In this paper,Self-governance Theory is the analytical framework,An analysis based on NanChong Medical Commission with literature analysis and empirical analysis.Firstly,Analyzing the stiuation of doctor-patient relationship in China and Nanchong.Sceondly,Analyzing the reasons of the detuning doctor-patient relationship from the perspective of government and market.Lastly,Putting forward the proposal to improve the third party through NanChong Medical Commission.In the perspective of self-governance theory,the existing strategy of treating the doctor-patient relationship is either the government or the market,either semi-government or semi-market.The research on disharmonious doctor-patient relationship with the Self-governance Theory has some innovation in theory.In the past case,the theory mainly solves the contradiction of the public pond resource occupier.It is different in the doctor-patient relationship.The doctor is not only the provider of medical resources,but also the occupier as same as the patient.We also have to resolve the contradiction between medical resource providers and occupants.The new trend of the future health care is that both doctors and patients are in a win-win situation and in harmonious development.And during the medical course,doctors and patients should be the one and rely on each other because of the common enemy-disease.Therefore,how to treat the current detuning doctor-patient relationship correctly,to analyze the basic reason for its happening further,and to find out the proper policy to accelerate the harmonious among doctors and patients has become a prominent research subject.
Keywords/Search Tags:doctor-patient relationship, detuning, the third party, the medical committee, the Self-governance Theory
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