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A Study On The Construction Of Urban And Rural Communities In The Context Of Urban And Rural Development

Posted on:2015-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330467454150Subject:Public administration
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In very long period of time, the existence of two element structure between urbanand rural areas of our country, lead to social resource gradually tilted to the city, therural social economic development retardation. City residents and farmers do notequal public services, there are many deficiencies in rural society, such as economy,culture, environment and so on, the city and countryside development imbalancecontinues to expand, the gap between urban and rural areas continue to increase, thiskind of not harmonious, unstable factors will seriously affect the public securitysystem in our country is stable, and China’s economic development and socialconstruction. While the community is the smallest unit of society, communityconstruction will affect the construction of the social public security system.The eighteen Party Congress report pointed out that "accelerate the improvementof integration system of urban and rural development, focusing on urban planning,infrastructure, public services and promoting the integration of urban and ruralelements, promote the equal exchange and balanced allocation of public resources, theformation of accelerating agriculture by industry, to the city with rural, peasants andmutual reciprocity, the integration of urban and rural model workers and peasants,urban and rural relationship." The Urban and Rural Community is indispensable tosolving the problems of rural areas, the key to the construction of well-off society. andit is also an important way of social governance mode transition from management toservice. The development stages of urban and rural relationship has entered the city tosupport the industry nurturing agriculture, countryside, if still regard ruraldevelopment independent of the city’s words, this is not respect for social scienceapproach. In the context of urban and rural development, urban and rural communityconstruction should be placed on the development of economic and social integrationin the overall situation of thinking. Construction of urban and rural communities inthe context of urban and rural areas, the core is to accelerate the development of ruralsocial economy, national treatment to promote the construction of rural residents and city residents equal, promote rural progress, and maintain the social public security inorder to achieve a comprehensive well-off society.Present situation of comprehensive urban and rural reform based on the stage ofChina’s urban and rural development and the city of Wenzhou, through theintroduction of foreign community development mode of developed countries,community construction enlightenment from. Taking Wenzhou Yueqing city as anexample, analysis the present stage of Yueqing urban community construction practiceto analyze and research problems, and puts forward the countermeasures andsuggestions of the urban and rural community construction under the background ofthe City And Countryside Overall Plan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban and rural communities constructs, The city andcountryside overall plan, Public safety, Public service
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