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Research On Public Service Of Multi-ethnic Rural Community In Kunming City

Posted on:2018-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H NiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330518459337Subject:Public management
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With the increasing development of social economy,the common requirements of all ethnic groups who are living in multi-national rural communities are gradually motivated in the process of promoting all-around well-off society.However,in fact,in these multi-national rural communities,there are problems like gross inadequate of public service supply and mismatch of supply and demand,etc.which means the common requirements of all ethnic groups cannot be satisfied.The reason of it is that the starting and developing of social undertakings in these communities are slow due to the limit of geographic location and historical reasons.In addition,the economic development ranks low and infrastructure construction is weak in these communities.Therefore,the public service system of multi-national rural communities should be improved as soon as possible,which is the cornerstone of the development of multi-national rural communities in Kunming recently and also is the requirement of"ensuring not let an ethnic brother left behind and not let a minority region drop behind".In the thesis,Wagong community of Xizhu sub-district office in Kunming is taken as research subject.Through the study and research of its public service system,the current situation and existing problems of the system are analyzed,which will offer theoretical reference and practical basis for completing the public service system of multi-national rural communities in Kunming.The whole thesis is divided into five chapters:In Chapter One,elaborate the background and significance and also generalize and summarize the research results of both domestic and foreign scholars in related field.Determine the research methods and outlines.In Chapter Two,illuminate related concepts and theoretical basis of public service of multi-national rural communities.In Chapter Three,expound the current situation of supply and demand of public service in Wagong community.In Chapter Four,analyze the existing problems and causes of public service in Wagong community;including low gross adequate of public service,mismatch of supply and demand and information asymmetry of public service,etc.In Chapter Five,considering the features and practical situation of multi-national rural communities,put forward some suggestions for promoting community public service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-national rural communities, Public service, Supply
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