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A Study On Regional Security Cooperation In Northeast Asia

Posted on:2016-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330470951412Subject:International politics
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Northeast Asia,including the six countries of China,Japan,South Korea,NorthKorea,Russia and Mongolia.As the US has extensive interests in this region,so thestudy of security cooperation in Northeast Asia can not ignore the existence of theUnited States.Northeast Asia has large population and strategic location,become oneof the world most rapid economic development of the region at present.In recentyears,the Northeast Asian regional hotspots continues,the reason are as follows:First,the international status of the Northeast Asian region is very important.As aglobal strategic forces deployed intensive areas,Northeast Asia covers four of the fivemilitary centers (US,Russia,China and Japan),the world top ten economies of the four(the US,Japan,China and Korea),The area have the three nuclear countries of sevencountries (US,Russia,and China).Secondly,the amount of the six countries inNortheast Asia and the EU economy comparable.It reported that total of six countriesin Northeast Asia has accounted for more than20%of the economy of the globaleconomy.Again, since ancient times is the intersection of big powers and conflict ofthe land.In the sovereignty dispute,territorial disputes and maritime rights andinterests,such as some of the traditional security and political system,economy andtrade,culture,religion,national characteristics and other non-traditional securityareas,there are still many contradictions between the countries,will inevitably affectthe developments in the region to changes in the world situation.As the East Asian countries,China is the center of the world most promisingeconomic development,geographical location is very important.30years of reformand opening up,China adheres to peaceful development,economic,political and sociallandscape has undergone tremendous changes,has begun to realize a well-offsociety,the people are moving towards building a moderately prosperous societygoal.However,building a moderately prosperous society in the road will not beeasy,will face a lot of twists and challenges.Northeast Asia harmony,stability,cooperation and development,in line with China’s national interests. Therefore,thestudy of Chinese cooperation in Northeast Asia security strategy can help promote harmonious international relations in the region,will help China to better achieve thegoal of peaceful development.This thesis consists of five parts:The first part describes the current situation inNortheast Asia Security Cooperation,analyzes the opportunities and challenges ofregional security cooperation in the region faces.Regional integration is an importanttrend of world economic development,the expansion of the European Union,thedevelopment of ASEAN is the trend of performance.The main difference between theNortheast Asian countries in the system,religion,level of economic development andpolitical aspects,has become an important obstacle to security cooperation in theregion.The second part of the analysis of the main constraints of security cooperationin Northeast Asia.The affect of Cold War mentality still exists within the militaryconfrontation in Northeast Asia,but also showing worse.Japan Defense Agencyupgraded to Ministry of Defense,the Navy stepped up its development,ROK,US-Japanmilitary exercises on the Korean nuclear issue recurring,United States on China"crescent"encirclement,is an important factor restricted to establish securitycooperation mechanism in Northeast Asia.The third section analyzes the impact ofChina security cooperation in Northeast Asia.After60years of exploration andpractice,China has been out of the feature path of development suited to their nationalconditions.Establish and perfect the mechanism of security cooperation in NortheastAsia,will help to better safeguard the external environment for China peacefuldevelopment,and to further promote the good momentum of economicdevelopment,and enhance national governance,improve the level of militaryinformation and the development and promotion of Chinese culture prosperity.Thefourth part is mainly about Chinese security cooperation in Northeast Asia shouldadhere to the principle.China needs to play a bigger role in the region in thecountry,actively promoting security cooperation mechanism in Northeast Asia,duringthe construction of the security cooperation mechanism,you must follow the principleof national interest,and peaceful coexistence,the principle of independence,mutualbenefit and win-win principle,bilateral promote the principles of multilateralism andso on.The fifth section analyzes China in Northeast Asia security policy cooperation.In response analyzes the traditional security cooperation,non-traditionalsecurity areas and how to deal with the United States expanding trend in NortheastAsia,strengthening the China-US relations among major powers of the newconstruction,analysis of China coping strategies.
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