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Study On Land Resources Optimal Allocation To The Water Resources

Posted on:2012-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189330335473978Subject:Human Geography
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Land and water resources is basic natural resources and strategic economic resources,which is the controlling element for the ecology and environment. The sustainable utilization of the land and water resources is the important guarantee for the social economic sustainable development. Especially the eastern plain and coastal area in hebei province is listed as the economic LongQiDai between 2011 and 2015 .As the extreme shortage of water resources relatively land resources is rich, so it becomes the key of the development that how to allocate the land resources, especially under the restriction of construction of the water resources.Huanghuashi ,located in southeastern hebei province, is situated at the "2-ring" hub zone of the Bohai Bay and Beijing-Tianjin. Huanghua Port,as the leading project of China trans-century shenhua project, is located in huanghuashi. Huanghuashi is rich in fishery resources petroleum and natural gas resources and wetlands resources .However, along with the rapid economic development ,the region needs more and more land and water resources, outstripping the bearing capacity of groundwater resources, especially excessive exploitation caused so serious social and ecological environment problems that water resources constraint has also become land resources use prerequisites. Therefore, studying on land resources optimal allocation to the restriction of water resources have a great significance in promoting the water and land resources sustainable use and HuangHuaShi social and economic harmonious and healthy development .Guided by the principle of sustainable development and on the base of studying the relative theories and achievements, the thesis mainly studied the present utilization of land and water resources , analyzed the supply and demand of water resources. All the above,it is analyzed that how to allocate the land resources under the restriction of water resources,using the software of GIS and grey linear programming model. The main research contents and results are as follows:(1)In the quantitative analysis of land and water resources utilization in huanghuashi based on the present situation of water resources utilization,points out the existing problems.According to the actual situation of the huanghuashi land and water resources development, from the land and water resources comprehensive advantages degrees and the water and soil resources coupled index , the paper analyzed the land and water resources utilization of the existing problems.(2)In-depth analysis of the land resources optimization allocation connotation, theory and optimize configuration model .On the base of introducing the concept of the land resources optimization allocation,the paper analysis the theory and model of the land resources optimization allocation.(3)This part analysis the water resources in the supply and demand balance of HuangHuaShi planning objectives .In the social economy development situation, the demand of water resources is forcasted from the three aspects of life, agriculture and industry ; the supply of water resources is forcasted from the three aspects of local existing water quantity, huanghua foreword and non-traditional planning project. Above all,it is concluded that the ratio of water deficiency will attained to planning objectives 26.07% in huanghua planning year ,based on the analysis of the balance of supply and demand of water resources.(4)In order to realize the social and economic benefits maximization of HuangHuaShi,setting the design target of planting area,including land and water resources, the total population, macro project and market economy factor, the ecological environment,established in different conditions of water-saving grey linear programming model .It is analyzed that how to allocate and manage the earthwork during the construction of city, using the software of GIS and grey linear programming model, form the land resources optimization solution space configuration diagram.The innovation of this thesis is that in the course of the land resources optimal allocation, considering of the water resources conditions, which has an important value on the Decomposition of Land Use Planning.
Keywords/Search Tags:water resources, land resources, optimize allocation, grey linear programming, HuangHuaShi
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