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Study On Development Of Road Passenger Transportation Industry Of Hubei Province In Rapid Development Of High-speed Railway

Posted on:2012-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330335992936Subject:Transportation planning and management
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Rapid development of high-speed railway has brought great opportunities to railway passenger transportation and meanwhile great impact on road passenger transportation. Therefore, a study on how road passenger transportation industry should face the challenge and maintain sustainable development is in urgent need.Current studies mainly focus on development of the relative strength of road passenger transportation, improvement of service quality, competition and cooperation with railway passenger transportation, and other related topics, yet lack thorough analysis of the impact mechanism and scale. Based on detailed comparison of development condition, business environment, technology economic characteristics, passenger characteristics, and demand differences between railway and road transportation, this paper sets up a competition model of high-speed railway and road passenger transportation to analyze their competition relation, and meanwhile, makes a thorough analysis of the impact of high-speed railway development on road passenger transportation for Hubei province. The study shows high-speed railway with designed speed of 350km/h in Hubei province has significant influence on middle-distance and short-distance road passenger transportation, and high-speed railway with designed speed of 250km/h has significant influence on both long-distance and short-distance road passenger transportation. In addition, with improving transportation network and increasing departure frequency of intercity railway passenger transportation, its great impact on short-distance road passenger transportation is beginning to emerge. Furthermore, this paper explains basic theories of transportation economy, effect of network economy, and demand-based comprehensive transportation system, and then puts forward the countermeasures for development of road passenger transportation industry under rapid development of high-speed railway transportation. These countermeasures are mainly discussed from enterprise, industry and government levels. The study holds the opinion that relation between high-speed railway and road passenger transportation is both competitive and cooperative. Road passenger transportation industry should clearly identify itself. Firstly, transportation enterprises must enhance their competitive strength with line adjustment, transportation capacity adjustment, long-distance transportation service, road-and-railway cooperative transportation, business diversification, marketing, and innovative management. Secondly, transportation industry should create better opportunities for development structure adjustment and resource integration. Thirdly, government should make scientific plan and managing policy adjustment to help road passenger transportation industry maintain sustainable development under rapid development of high-speed railway transportation.The study combines transportation demand theory, network economic theory, and comprehensive transportation theory with road passenger transportation industry problems under development of high-speed railway transportation and carries out countermeasures for sustainable development of road passenger transportation of Hubei province. It not only studies the road passenger transportation problems under special background from a theoretical perspective, but also analyzes the problems from a practical perspective. Therefore, this paper has certain significance for future instruction and reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-speed Railway, Road Passenger Transportation, Competition Model, Impact, Countermeasure
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