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Research About The Influence Of High-speed Railway On Transportation Corridor

Posted on:2011-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330332462709Subject:Transportation planning and management
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In order to relieve the existing railway network and enhance the competitive competence of the railway,our country are developing the high-speed railway. The high-speed railway is a new means of passenger traffic introduced by railway department, which has some advantages such as economical,high-speed , huge transport capacity, safety, comfortable, economize on energy, and environmental protection. It will be a backbone power of the medium-distance and long-distance transportation.The high-speed railway will perfect the integrated transportation corridor.This paper is under the background of high-speed railway development.Firstly, this paper introduces the relative data of transportation corridor and high-speed railway in the world,writes the characters of many transportation mode , passenger flow and goods traffic ;Secondly, this paper analysis co-competitive relation among passenger traffic of the transportation corridor. It uses method of system science to analysis the influence of high-speed railway on the transport corridor,including the capacity of the transport corridor, passenger volume and induced traffic. Thirdly, this paper establishes a reasonable share model of passenger volume undertaken by each transportation mode,according to passenger traffic mode choice behavior and the co-competitive relation of transportation mode,and detailed analysis the solution procedure and methods of model.Meanwhile, this paper gives out the model for induced traffic to analysis the variation in the traffic volume of transportation corridor.At last,the article takes an example to analysis passenger volume and induced traffic , on the basis of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis ,this paper gives some reasonable advice for the development of the transportation corridor.This paper employs the combination approaches of model analysis and case studies in the light of systematic theory and transportation comdor theory,so that the theoretical reseach and pratical application ale realized.
Keywords/Search Tags:high-speed railway, transportation corridor, co-competitive, passenger volume sharing, induced traffic
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