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A Study On Strategies Of Market Positioning Of City Commercial Banks In China

Posted on:2008-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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City Commercial Banks are one of the outcomes of China's financial system reform. They are urban joint-stock commercial banks, which are restructured from former City Credit Co-operative. Because of its immature operation, problems exist since the date of their establishment, among which, deficient business functions, low quality assets, heavy biostatical burden and loose internal control mechanism are the notable ones. With more opening up to the outside world after China's entry into WTO, China's city commercial banks will face a more severe competition environment. Based on the theory of the existence and development of medium and small-sized commercial banks and the experience of foreign local banks in their growth, the paper aims to elucidate that in order to exist and develop further, city commercial banks in China should orientate themselves in the right market for their business, make full use of their flexible mechanism, good social relationship and operating cost, regard the"small-medium enterprises and urban residents"as their target clients, cultivate some excellent clients, serve for the local economy, provide specific retail service, seek for good managerial achievements and develop the ability of sustainable development. Besides, in order to enforce the strategies of orientation, city commercial banks should put priority on strengthening internal management with such measures as improving the system of corporation, innovating the internal mechanism, accelerating the development of electronization and financial products and perfecting the countermeasures of risks. All these measures help to increase the efficiency in internal management of City Commercial Banks and make up for their disadvantage in scale, thus providing better financial services for small- medium enterprises as well as the public. What's more, to obtain a favorable external environment is also crucial to the enforcement of strategies of orientation.
Keywords/Search Tags:City Commercial Bank, Market positioning, Small- medium enterprises
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