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The Research For Financial Support To The Farmer Specialized Cooperatives

Posted on:2009-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360245465249Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Nowadays,with the agricultural manufacture mostly depends on market, the weak farmer families are placed in a disadvantaged position during the competition with other main bodies of strong market,because what they suffer great loss of benefits. In order to solve the contradiction between household small productions with the ever-changing large markets and reduce the risk, uncertainty during the peasants participating in the competition and raise a bargain efficiency,we must have an agency, which can on behalf of the peasants directly and sincerely. So, the farmer specialized cooperatives come out. However,generally speanking, the level of development of the farmer specialized cooperatives is low, the development of the cooperatives is restricted by multiple factors,especially the want of fund.The cooperatives have large shortfall in funds, just rely on government financial input and the limit investment of farmers is unable to meet their needs.So, In the long term, rural financial support will become an inevitable choice for the development of the cooperatives.Despite rural finance have played an important role on the development of rural economy, it still fails to meet the fund demands of the cooperatives,such as a small number of fund supply, inappropriate supply structure, lack of financial services institutions, low efficiency of financial services,which restrict to the further development of the cooperatives.The thesis takes new system economics and property economics as main analysis tool. According to the thought of raising, analyzing and solving problems, meanwhile,combining the way of theoretic analysis and demonstrational analysis,the thesis analyzes deeply the actuality of financial support on the farmerspecialized cooperatives,and investigates the restrict factors to its financing.Such conclusions can be drawn: the direct reasons of the shortage of financial support on the cooperatives are (1) rural credit sectors'profit-driven behavior,(2) few mortgages of the cooperatives and,(3) too high transaction costs of rural credit sectors;while the deep reasons are (1) the cooperatives lack of a comprehensive financing system support from the government,(2) the existing rural financial system can not adapt to the the cooperatives'financial needs.Reference to Japan's experience in the development of rural finance, we can put forward such advice: strengthening of management training, technical training and cooperation education to the members of the cooperatives; establish the credit rating system that can fit to the characteristics of the cooperatives; improve the mechanisms of rural mortgage ,loan guarantees and insurance to the cooperatives; the government should adopt support policy to the financial institutions which offer loans to the cooperatives; deepen the reform of rural credit cooperatives, build them to be the real rural cooperative financial institutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:farmer specialized cooperatives, rural finance, government, commercial bank credit contract behavior
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