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Study On Government Support Policy In The Development Process Of Farmer Specialized Cooperatives

Posted on:2017-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330491456570Subject:Rural and regional development
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Farmer specialized cooperatives(FSC),based on rural household contract,and voluntary association and democratic management,is a mutual-aid economic organization for similar agricultural producer,and providers or users in similar agricultural service system.In the market economy,FSC might play an important role in accelerating the development level of Agro-Industry,promoting the extension of advanced agricultural techniques,and enhancing farmers' market competitiveness and organization,and usually results in improvement of farmer's income.Therefore,once FSC established,the Government immediately offers vigorously support and guidance for its development.In recent years,FSC was formed and spread all over the country,and has become the market entity in rural areas.Especially after promulgation and implementation of the “Farmer Specialized Cooperatives Law”,the Government increased policy support,carried out incentives in fiscal,tax,financial and project,which greatly promoted development and expanding of FSC.However,there are still some problems need to be solved.At present,the number and quality of FSC in China are far less needed.When making policies to support FSC,the Government should not only consider the needs of all kinds of FSC,but also the interest of major farmers.Although there are many reports related to the development of FSC,seldom work has been done from a view of policy.This article,after analyzing the support policies and measures of Chinese government,pointed out the existed problems in FSC development,and proposed optimization suggestions on FSC policy.We also analyzed the Government role for FSC in foreign countries,expecting to get some experiences or references from their development.This paper consists of five chapters.In the first chapter,we firstly discussed the definition and basic principles of FSC,and described its difference with other economic organizations.Secondly,we analyzed the necessity and universality of Government support policy for FSC in viewof domestic and international,and proposed theoretical basis for support policy of Government.The second chapter divided the development of FSC in China into three stages,and analyzed the support policy for FSC in detail.Secondly,we summarized the basic framework of supporting policy in fiscal,financial,project and tax.Finally,we discussed the implementation measures for support policy by local Government,and presented the basic environment of our policy supply for FSC in China.In the third chapter,we discussed the developmental profile and status of FSC of China in a view of Henan province.Both promoting effects and shortcomings in current support policies were concluded.Taking Europe,the United States,Canada and East Asia as examples,the forth chapter analyzed the characteristics of government's support policies for FSC in foreign countries.Thus it gave us references of support policy for the development of FSC in China.The last chapter is conclusion and discussion of the paper.After analysis of theory and examples,we reached some important conclusions,and proposed some suggestions of support policy for FSC development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Farmer specialized cooperatives, Support policy, Comparative analysis, Effect evaluation
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