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Construction Of Theoretical Framework And Evaluation Index System On Enterprise's Comprehensive Competitiveness

Posted on:2009-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360272957098Subject:Business management
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With the improved market economy and the increasing international competition, the enterprise's competitiveness has become the focus in the academic circles and business communities. Stemming from the exploration of the success of the multinational enterprises, the concern about the issue of enterprise's competitiveness, and the consideration of the gap of competitiveness between the enterprises inside and outside, to keep up with the development trend of building an integrated theory system of enterprise's competitiveness, the paper researches the theoretical framework of enterprise's competitiveness, its influencing factors and its evaluation index.Firstly, this paper reviews the literature of enterprise's competitiveness systematically, and analyzes the merits and faults of different theories which based on the external environment, internal resource and capacity separately. Especially, it points out that the existing theoretical frameworks pay attention only to the part (core) competitiveness and neglect the whole (comprehensive) one which goes against the practice. As herbalist doctors cure illness based on systematic conciliation, after the paper"eight-dimensional perspective of enterprise's competitiveness"has been published, I made a further study on competitiveness. In my view, enterprise's competitiveness is a complex conception with multi-levels and comprehensive factors. Therefore, it should be surveyed from the integrating perspective when understanding its meaning, analyzing its influencing factors, and evaluating its power. Or it is impossible to grasp its essence and build truly effective one. On this basis, the paper brings out an entirely new category—enterprise's comprehensive competitiveness.Secondly, within the five principles the definition of enterprise's comprehensive competitiveness is conducted. As for the definition, targets, approaches and external features are combined in it. Besides, this paper also describes four influencing factors: external environment, internal resource, capacity and knowledge. And in a creative way, it applies systematic theory integrating the four factors into a system to research their relationship, so as to build a whole theoretical framework of comprehensive enterprise's competitiveness. In consideration of the knowledge being the originator of the competitiveness, this paper discusses its forming mechanism based on the knowledge flow.Thirdly, based on the existing evaluation index systems of enterprise's competitiveness, this paper puts forwards a brand-new one from four layers—environment, resource, capacity and knowledge. In consideration of the current accounting and statistics indexes, a practical index system is built. By comparing different evaluation method, this paper chooses principle component analysis as its basic method, and on this base, it creates multi-levels principle component analysis. Then, A-share listed companies of Jiangyin as a case is studied.Finally, by reviewing the whole paper, some prospects on this subject is put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:enterprise's competitiveness, enterprise's comprehensive competitiveness, connotation and denotation, influencing factors, index system, evaluation method, A-share listed companies of Jiangyin
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