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Intelligent Decision Support System For Risk Management Of Collaborative Projects

Posted on:2010-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H G XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360278966743Subject:Computer software and theory
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With the advent of information age and the formation of global economic market environment, the cooperation among enterprises becomes more and more closed. As a kind of new manage operation mode, virtual enterprises have already been widely applied to practice. The management of collaborate projects play a very important role in the process of virtual enterprises'collaboration., there are many intercommunications and sharing of information, mutual and transformation of task, distributing and conflict of the resource, distributed collaboration and so on in the collaborate projects .Therefore, compared to the traditional projects, it is more complex and the process of decision-making is more difficult. The projects'success depends on the managing of collaborative project risk, which is the most important part of collaborative project. However, at present, due to the study of collaborative projects management are preliminary investigations, the decision-making still in the initial stages. From the characteristics of risk management of collaborative projects, we could learn that it is a semi-structure and non-structure issue, intelligent decision support system for risk management of collaborative projects is advantaged on resolving this kind of issues. In this paper, I lucubrate the identity, analysis, evaluation of the risk and the intelligent decision support, moreover, developing the intelligent decision system. The specific contents are as follows:Firstly, combined with the characteristic of risk management of collaborate projects, the basic structure of intelligent decision support system for risk management of collaborative projects are discussed. According to the object and rage, the process model on risk management of collaborative projects is presented.Secondly, according to the characteristic of collaborative projects and its risk, the risk sort and the factors which caused this kind of venture are presented. In addition, for analyzing and evaluating collaborative projects, setting up a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, which bases on applying the theory of a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, adopting multilevel integrated fuzzy judge method to judge the factors of collaborative projects and relative to subjection degree of language aggregate and then educe the strictness degree of venture.Thirdly, the decision-making reasoning frame classing and realizing the method of intelligent decision support system for risk management of collaborative projects are presented. Except realizing the integrating between NN and reasoning machine, it also supplies the inference and study method as well as resolves the decision-making reasoning problem of collaborative projects and the supplementary function of NN in assistant decision.Finally, according to the above theories'study and on the basis of the object oriented software developing process, I design and realize the support subsystem of intelligent decision support system for risk management of collaborative projects, which could be treated as the subsystem of system for management of collaborative project.
Keywords/Search Tags:collaborative project risk management, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, neural networks, intelligent decision support system
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