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Research On The Construction Of Medium-sized And Small Enterpreneurial Networks Based On Enterprises Cluster

Posted on:2011-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360302993857Subject:Business management
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Nowadays, industrial cluster appears the energy that has never been seen. No matter in the developed or the developing country, medium-sized and small enterprises clusters are extremely common. As one kind of the economic organization which can effectively promote the region competitive ability, the medium-sized and small enterprises cluster has caught the high attention of the social. The medium-sized and small enterprises, developed with the enterprises cluster, have been started. Therefore, the building of entrepreneurial networks in the cluster is particularly important. The study on the construction of entrepreneurial networks has become the forefront of international business studies and one of the hotspots. Since 1980s, the starting small and medium enterprises in the cluster cooperate and exchange with the original cluster, the universities, financial institutions and supporting institutions through the entrepreneurial networks. The medium-sized and small enterprises emerge in the cluster by the impact of popular cluster entrepreneurial culture. It affects a particular region and the entire national economic development activity. Therefore, the study on the construction of entrepreneurial networks has great significance to improve the cluster competitiveness, promote the rapid growth of the cluster, reduce the risk of the starting small and medium enterprises and improve the survival of new enterprises.This paper mainly discusses the construction of entrepreneurial networks. This article analyzes the role of network nodes under the cluster based on the cluster studies, business studies and business network under the review of the cluster. The construction of entrepreneurial networks based on mid- and small-scale enterprises cluster must pay attention to the role of business, government, universities, research institutions and intermediary organizations. Then, the article analyzes the motivation and patterns of the construction of entrepreneurial networks in cluster, proposes the construction of entrepreneurial networks (Core business network, support business network and external business network), analyzes the important role of network construction and describes the dynamic in the process of building networks. Finally, this paper uses case analysis approach to analyze Ci Xi household appliances industry cluster in the network building process and the dynamic and made some suggestions for Ci Xi industry cluster's further development.
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial cluster, medium-sized and small entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial networks
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