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Research On The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Competency And Entrepreneurial Performance

Posted on:2013-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330362966218Subject:Business management
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At present, more than99%of our country’ enterprises are SMEs, creating more thanhalf of GDP, is the main force of the technical innovation. SMEs play the role thatcannot be replaced in expand ing employment, promoting economic growth. But,according to with report, the average life expectancy of China’s SMEs is only3.7years, the life expectancy is partial short. Therefore, the research on how to prolongthe life time of SMEs is very important.Based on the previous theoretical results about entrepreneurship research literature,this study has built a conceptual model and proposed some associated assumptionsabout the relationships among entrepreneurial competency,entrepreneurialperformance and entreperneurial enviornment. Undertake entrepreneurial competencyand entrepreneurial performance relationship, and the impact effects in the process ofentreperneurial enviornment regulation effect research. During the study, usingSPSS17.0, AMOS17.0, the obtained data have been analyzed and processed throughstructural equation modeling and hierarchical multiple regression method.Results show that entrepreneurial competency is significantly correlated withentrepreneurial performance, by statistical analysis concluded that opportunitycompetencies, relationship competencies, organizing competencies, strategiccompetencies, conceptual competencies and entrepreneurial performance to besignificantly positive correlation. The three dimensions of entreperneurialenviornment play a regulatory role in the relationship between entrepreneurialcompetency and survival performance, but for the relationship betweenentrepreneurial competency and growth performance, dynamic has a significantregulatory role, heterology and competitiveness not had immunoregulatory function.Due to various constraints, this study still remains some limitations, which werediscussed in the last part of this paper. With reference to these limitations, furtherresearch directions have also been presented.
Keywords/Search Tags:Entrepreneurial Competency, Entrepreneurial Performance, EntreperneurialEnviornment, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs), Entrepreneur
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