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The Research And Implementation Of Distributed Oil Depots’ Quantitative Oil Loading System

Posted on:2016-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2191330476450784Subject:Transportation engineering
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Depot carrying a lot of load and output of oil every day, is an important link of the national energy circulation, which is related to the people’s life and property safety. The traditional mode of oil delivering is low degree of automation and operating efficiency, barbarism of operation, rarely proportion of oil delivering in four proportion. With the automatic control technology of oil delivering improve the degree of automation, however system hugely dependence upon server, problems in one part of the system, the system would not work. Based on the above issues, research and implementation of distributed oil depot’s quantitative oil loading system, improve the level of automation of oil delivery, to ensure the efficient operation of oil depot safety, security monitoring and management of oil depot in an orderly manner.Distributed oil depot’s quantitative oil loading system adopts distributed structure, to achieve unified management and decentralized control; Assuming information storage and processing, intelligent control and circuit design technology, based on ARM processor as control core, the system is designed a set of four proportion, monitoring, query, self-checking as one oil delivering instrument; Fusing microcomputer principle and control theory and technique of database, based on Windows form design software, the system is designed a set of monitoring, query, management, self-checking as one manage instrument.Distributed oil depot’s quantitative oil loading system combines three-mode system, and a host computer can control up to 32 slave computers at the same time, to meet the different control and management needs of different size of oil depot, universal applicability. In the practical application, based on 87 sets of machine count does not appear inaccurate measurement, reduction or other system issues. In practical application, distributed oil depot’s quantitative oil loading system stability and accuracy, effectively improve the efficiency of the oil delivery operations management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Depot, ARM, distributed, intelligent control, multi-control mode
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