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The Impact Of Communication Strategy Teaching On Vocational College Students' Oral English Communicative Competence

Posted on:2011-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2195330338965269Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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A series of researches in the past shows that the suichart apply of communication strategy will donate a positive effect on the communicative competence by enriching the expression of language; avoid confusion and misunderstanding, thus facilitating the communication. Nevertheless, in the past decades, most of the studies were concerning about the university students. Only a few researches have cast their eyes upon the non-English majored college students. Thereafter, the exploration of communicative strategy and its impacts on vocational college students'communicative competence is urgently needed. This paper is mean to satisfy the demand.In order to generate a more impartial experimental result, fifty-eight students who are in the equivalent English level are chosen to carry out the experiment. They are divided into two classes, one class is labeled on the experimental n, and the other, is of course, a general group.This paper is determined to detect and find out the two questions:1. Will the enhancement of communicative strategy influence the communicative competence of the vocational college who are non-English major? To put it in details, this point of view will be evidence through three aspects. First, whether the flexible applied of communicative strategy exert positive effect on students? Second, can students completing the task fluently. Third, whether after-course oral test shows a significant improvement?2. Is there any progress in sensing and choosing the various kinds of communicative strategies among the students in experimental group after a whole semester's teaching of communication strategy? Are there any differences among the experimental group and the regular one in terms of communicative competence?The above mentioned questions can find their answers in the two English tests which will be displayed in specific numbers. The result of the test before communicative strategy teaching indicates the vague conception about communicative strategy and the blur idea of using them. This in return, shows the urgent of employment of communication strategy teaching in class.The results of the two tests evident: 1. By attending the required course, and receive the communicative strategy teaching, the experimental group students have obviously increased frequency of the employment of communicative strategy and there is a sharp decrease in the frequency of reduction strategy employment; 2. the frequently adopted achievement strategy function as an important role to facilitate students'oral communication. 3. The different result of the two tests showed that the experimental group students have greatly improved their communicate skill by flexibly apply of communicative strategy. This indicate the positive effect of the communicative strategy on the students'communicate skill, thus enhance their communicative competence.4. Further more, students in the experimental group are different in their English level, thus they apply various kinds of communicative strategies. Students with high proficiency adopt communicative strategies such as maintaining strategy, non-linguistic strategy and paraphrase. However, students with low proficiency are more tend to chose reduction strategy and mother language transfer strategy. In all, Retrieval strategies and direct appeal both are seen decrease in the two groups.Whether the communicative strategy can be taught or not among the vocational non-English major students can be tested by implanting the communication strategy during the classes. Judging from the present researches, this paper demonstrates that the experimental communicative strategy can be taught in class; teachers should introduce the communicative strategy to students in class and strengthen their conscious about using the Communication strategy during their communication. Further more, teachers should encourage the students to challenge the difficulties instead of escape and get baulk. Teachers should also provide a platform for them to practice more.
Keywords/Search Tags:Communicative Strategy Teaching, Communicative Competence, oral expression, non-English Major Students of Vocational College, Language Proficiency
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