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Research On The Medium And Small-sized Enterprises Recruitment Base On The Social Networks

Posted on:2011-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199330338491368Subject:Business management
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The SMEs has been became an important part of the national economy in China after 30 years of reform and opening-up. However, the stage of SMEs for development are the embryonic stage or at the growth stage, in addition to the sizes, capital and stability cannot be comparable with the large companies, the regulations and rules of enterprise and the human resources department are imperfect, making the recruitment of SMEs are unable to escape from a disadvantageous position. Moreover the research of recruitment focuses on large enterprises, there are not a research at SMEs for the way of recruitment. In this context, we embedded Social network to human resources recruitment, and study the process, method, mechanism and function of recruitment. Our aim is to improve the quality and efficiency of recruitment, to reduce recruitment costs and to solutions the talents bottleneck problem of SMEs. This article emphasizes to expound the contents bellow.Firstly, based on the social Network theory, this essay innovatively discusses the integration of the government and public organizations into the talents attracting activities of small and medium-sized enterprises from an exterior angle. Moreover, under the guidance of the"cooperation and win-win theory", this paper constructs the social network model of talents attracting of small and medium-sized enterprises. To sum up, the empirical study in this thesis will further explain the advantages of the social network of talents attracting model of small and medium-sized enterprises.Secondly, based on the role of weak ties, this chapter Started with the management theory and innovatively establishes the mechanism of enterprise internal and external recruitment information transmission . The implementation of security measures guarantee the effective operation of this mechanism and the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the recruiting.In this paper, we build the job matching model and make the unemployment rate, vacancy rate, network communication distance and in-degree as impact factors for it based on social networks theory. Through the model analysis , we summarized the impact on variable to the probabilitis that vacancy will be filled for the firms and people get the job vacancy informations. Accordingly, Enterprises can find the most suitable for distance and in-degree of model,and make the highest job matching rate if they have understanded the vacancy rate and unemployment rate.Finally, by analyzing the talents attraction model and recruitment of Qinye zhonggong Group, the article further illustrates the advantages of social networks for SMEs in recruitment and talent attraction, to increase the theoretical value and practical significance according to the case enlightenment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Medium and small-sized enterprises, Social networks, Recruitment, Job matching model, Applicant pool
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