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Hohhot City Marketing Strategies

Posted on:2008-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199360215491722Subject:Business Administration
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Since 1980's, urban marketing, as an effective tool to enhance thecompetitiveness and stimulate economic growth of a city, has increasinglyattracted extensive attention. And, the related theories have beengradually enriched. Various studies and practice on developing cityeconomy have come into being. As for theories, researchers have differentfocus in their research areas due to their different knowledge, living areaand cultural traditions. Internationally, the theoretical research on urbanmarketing could mainly be divided into two schools: the North Americaschool focusing on practical marketing, and the European school focusingon political and economical concept. In China, different schools ofstudies and research have also blossomed. Though there is not any singletheory that is accepted by everyone both in China and the internationalcommunity, there are many successful cases on marketing practice, whichdrives operators of cities to think more about urban marketing and to takespecific measures.Recently, Hohhot city has witnessed the rapid and continuouseconomic growth, and the government has spent more in studies andpractices on urban marketing. The content of the paper includes: theanalysis of market positioning, organizational structure, capital operation,degree of customers satisfaction of Hohhot city, and comments on how toimplement urban marketing strategy, as well as products, pricing,promotion methods and marketing channels. The author objectivelyanalyses the advantages and disadvantages of Hohhot city in thecompetition with other cities, and has expressed his views andsuggestions on future urban marketing. All mentioned above may provideinsight, hints and be good reference for the development and prosperity ofHohhot city. In addition, the author hopes the paper can be of help forenhancing people's living conditions and quality of life in the harmonioussociety of China, and giving impetus for the further development ofChinese economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hohhot, Urban marketing, Marketing analysis, Marketing strategy
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