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From Human Purposes To The Free And Comprehensive Development

Posted on:2004-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360092487789Subject:Marxist philosophy
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'Human being is goal'is the purpose of society. 'Free and all-sided development of human being' is the direction of social development. 'Human being is goal' inevitabily draw a inference of 'free and all sided development of human being', and 'free and all sided development of human being'is the specific expression of 'human being is goal'.They all the value guidance of social development.Their direction is consistent. They provide us a standard to exmine a social institution, an indicator to change human situation, and a road sign of individual growwing up .Kant advance 'human being is goal' unprecedentedly and distinctly.He explore the basis of 'human being is goal'from human's reason and demonstrate that human being is objective goal, human being is natural goal, human being is historical goal. He point out: human being is not only means. Kant's 'human being is goal' idea require everyone should follow moral principle.Then Kant infer law principle and require human establish state ruled by law and union in state of world citizen.His idea is of reason and difficulty.Marx continue to make progress on the basis of Kant. He firstly find contradiction between reality to the deserved and found social critical theory.He infer the historical law and the highest value ideal of 'free and all-sided development of human being' from real person and labour. He elaborate the meaning of 'free and all-sided development of human being' deeply on the materialist conception of history basis. He point that the development of productive forces and the transformation of social relations are the external conditions, and the proletariat are the mainbody forces of free and all-sided development of human being. He put himself into social practice.This paper not only explore the original meaning of the two topic that is of significance to human society,providing abound idea resources to present cultural construction, but also compare the way of thinking of Kant and Marx, showing their communicating value tendency and their opposite route, pointing out the reasonal inherit and development of Marx comparing Kant,especially pointing out the surpass of Marx comparing Kant.This is essentially a great change on the thinking way of present philosophy to mordern philosophy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kant, Marx, Human being is goal, Free and all-sided development of human being
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