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Marx 's Human Freedom-round Development Of Thought And The Modern Construction

Posted on:2009-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D A FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360242486005Subject:Marxist philosophy
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With the construction of China's socialist modernization development,"Modernity" This concept originated from the West began to slip in China."Modernity" is rather difficult to grasp ,but the key is to seize the essence of modernity.Understand "the logic of capital" is the essence of modernity. "Freedom" is the modern pursuit of the core values.Criticism of capitalism through Marxism,From the perspective of human development reveals the essence of modernity that in the modern "capital" of the role of both the pursuit of human freedom and limit the people's freedom, not only requires the development and hinder the overall development of the people, and this is modern destiny. Therefore, modern humanity must break the plight of the freedom of people to achieve all-round development, historical materialism This is revealed by the law of social development. Previously confined to the textbooks of Chinese Philosophy sector philosophy, from the failure of the Marxism of modern deeply critical to grasp the perspective of Marxism, "the free and comprehensive development" and to allow the free and comprehensive development in contemporary China is a lofty ideals, failure Construction of access to China's modern vision. In this paper, based on historical materialism, Marx's criticism of the perspective of modern theoretical analysis reveals Marx "free and comprehensive development of the" thinking and the relationship between modern and thus highlight Marx's "free and comprehensive development of the" thinking of China Construction of the modern with practical significance.This paper studies mainly in the following respects: First, through the modern concept of the analysis revealed the substance of the modern predicament. Second, the interpretation of Marx's "free and comprehensive development of the" thinking is built on the basis of historical materialism, is critical in the process of modern capitalism build up human development theory, that Marx's "the free and comprehensive development" Modern thinking on the fate of the profound revelation. Third, the combination of China's history and reality, the China Construction of the special nature of modern China is a socialist nature of the modern, that Marx's "free and comprehensive development of the" thinking of the modern Chinese Construction is of great realistic significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modernity, Marx, The free and full development of human being, China's modernity construction
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