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Obstacles In China's Service-oriented Government Construction And Countermeasures Analysis

Posted on:2010-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Service-oriented government is a new model of government administration and it is different from the rule-oriented government and management-oriented government. It is takes the service the core idea, and passes through in act of government process each aspect and the link. With the deepening of the reform administration, building a " service-oriented government " has become an important goal in the reform process. Building the service-oriented government is objective require to participate the global economic competition. Building a service-oriented government is the inherent requirement to implement and carry out the scientific development concept. Building a service-oriented government is the urgent desire of the masses of the people. According to the characteristics of a service-oriented government and the actual combination of our country, and its aim is to the Government of our country into a transparent, accountable, limited government and the rule of law.This paper is divided into five parts. Introduction The first part was on this paper and its significance of the study summarized the results of relevant research at home and abroad, this paper outlined the basic ideas and main contents of this paper put forward the main research methods and possible innovation. The second part is the service-oriented government based on the theory to explain the meaning of service-oriented government and the characteristics of Western governments on the management of the development process: during the rule of administrative, management, administrative time, administrative time ; discusses the service-oriented government in China Theory Source: new public management theory, the new public service theory, governance theory and theory people. The third part of our practice of service-oriented government, first of all on a service-oriented government in China to build the initial rise, and then discusses the service-oriented government in China to build all-round forward : continuing to strengthen the infrastructure, education and cultural undertakings flourish, steadily promote the reform of medical and health public employment service system for the initial shape. Part IV from the concept, mechanism, the market in three areas, focusing on analysis of service-oriented government in building the obstacles encountered. The first major obstacle is the traditional thinking of the concept of service-oriented government hindered the establishment of the concept. The first official standard ideological prejudice to the concept of service-oriented government to establish, and the other is the political elite and hinder the heightened awareness of civil service, three succumbed to the psychological impact of the public's heightened awareness of citizen participation in politics. The second major obstacle is the perfect mechanism for constraining the Government to run to change the way government services: decision-making mechanism for the Government due to the operation of science, not a unified coordination mechanism, monitoring mechanism is not sound. The third major obstacle to market development of public services is not completely inhibit the efficient supply of public goods. This performance is not appropriate for government decentralization, corporate participation is not active, the full development of the third sector. Part V of this article focuses on overcoming these obstacles to coping strategies. According to China's national conditions, this article from the " ideas, institutions, mechanisms and means" and so on have to focus on coping strategies. First of all aspects of the concept is to emancipate the mind, establish a modern administrative philosophy : people-oriented, popular sovereignty, the executive and administrative affairs in accordance with the law. The second is the reform of administrative management system, establish a sound mechanism for service-oriented government, which includes the transformation of government functions; adjust the levels of government: rationalize the relationship between the Government and the public. The third is a sound public finance system, improve public services. This three-pronged approach: First, adjust the expenditure structure of public finances, strengthen the public service functions; second is to increase transfer payments to achieve the equalization of public services; The third is to increase financial support for rural, urban and rural areas to promote co-ordination of public services. The fourth is to improve the supply mechanism of public services to achieve diversification. This is from the following aspects: First, the Government played a leading role, and the other is involved in the initiative to guide the market, and the third is to encourage the effective participation of the third sector. Finally, from the means to build a service-oriented government to lift the obstacles, that is, to develop e-government to enhance the capacity of government's public service: These include information disclosure to promote and achieve the coordination of government, to facilitate the expression of public opinion, and widen the channels of supervision.
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