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A Study On The Current Situation And Motivation Of University Students' Network Participation In Government Public Policy Formulation

Posted on:2016-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330461463293Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the end of the 20th century, along with the development of Internet Technology,network participation in public policy making got more and more the favour of Internet users,especially college students,as a large groups of Internet users.College students use the net to pay close attention to all kinds of social hot spots and news events,express their political views and brought new ideas with our political democracy but also some problems.In that case,how to correctly guide students to participate in network politics and enhance the effectiveness is becoming the major problem that the government and academia can not be ignored.In this paper, based on this background,sorting out the citizen network participation in policy making theory by questionnaire survey method to research the current situation of college students to participate in network security policy and participation motivation.We can come to the conclusion from the questionnaire survey data analysis.Firstly,for those students who participated in the government public policy action,they have a positive attitude and it express that what they do is based on their political beliefs and sense of responsibility and their own rights.Secondly,the political types that students can participate in are rather macroscopic and most focus on political,economic and cultural field.Thirdly,for those who don’t participated in the government public policy action,the reason why they don’t participate is "lacking of sense of participation", "poor channels for participation" and " lacking of government response".In conclusion, we could put forward the basic strategy to specified and guide college students through analyzed the government, university and college students the three angles.
Keywords/Search Tags:Citizen Participation, College students, Network participation, Participation motivation
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