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Research On The Construction Of Service - Oriented Government Based On The Perspective Of Response Service

Posted on:2016-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330464965262Subject:Public Management
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At present, government departments at different levels in all the countries of the world to explore how to reform, how to realize the transformation of the traditional management system to the new public management mode of administration. The new model and the theory of the government’s response, at the height of the development of civil society in western countries, has achieved initial results of administrative reform, contribute to the advancement of the government and the public participation to governance, the main one is the specific means for the government to respond to the program and take. In contrast, in socialist China, limited government model has gradually replaced the traditional pattern of all-round government, in order to better construction of socialist market economy, the country from the function and model of two of reinventing government, comprehensive management, specifically in the national decentralization, give more free space for development of society. The 17 th National Congress of the CPC put building a service-oriented government on the agenda, the government response has become a rational choice of government at all levels of the current, mark whether the government service standards and quality improvement. With the rapid development of social economy, China’s political environment have changed, public affairs of citizens on the relationship between the immediate interests and the interests of society, with more and more strong sense of participation and power consciousness, rapid progress of Internet technology provides a convenient channel for citizens to appeal to participate in political discussions, the enthusiasm, the citizen participation in politics the rising. In this environment, the government to reform the current administrative mode is very necessary.The traditional administrative management system is still used by many governments, this system has the disadvantages of low efficiency, the functions of the government authority, the amplification functions are not clearly defined, the rules and regulations of confusion, lack of supervision and other services. The government in service did not consider the opinions of the public, only know that the execution of the administrative command, so people in the legitimate interests cannot find an appeal of the channel, which leads to the government and people of opposite in some extent. Along with the national system reform work thorough development, more and more people hope the government can strengthen the transformation, its response ability, to the public to provide quality, efficient public services. Only after more understanding of the public to the real needs and opinions, government can provide the required service.Based on the above theory, this paper will explore the construction of response mechanism of the government and Song Ming county government as an example, research on the response mechanism of the organic composition, type, function and response process, constraints and energy level, and strive to make the response mechanism is more complete, more effective and more scientific. To face the response mechanism of the problem and the flaw, positive review and reflection, and according to law, proactive, CO governance as the basic requirements, and strive to build a service-oriented government response mechanism to meet the requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:service type government, public participation, response mechanism
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