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Research On Response Mechanism Of Dangtu County People’s Government

Posted on:2017-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F L XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482469650Subject:Administrative Management
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With the continuous advancement of political democratization, government administrative mode is no longer limited to the traditional management of government or service type government, In response to the current increasingly apparent demand for public participation, Response type government is also regarded as one of the hot topics of the current academic research. At present, many local governments still follow the traditional mode of governance, response mechanism is imperfect, the relevant system construction is missing, the response efficiency is low, lead to public discontent with the government increased, mass incidents continue to erupt. Therefore, how to realize the effective response of the government to the public, and to establish a scientific government response system has become the most important in the process of the reform of the basic level government.In this paper, we focus on the construction of a high efficiency of the basic government response mechanism. In Dangtu County People’s government as a starting point, on the basis of the organic constitution, the value orientation and the hindrance factor, according to the response mechanism, to explore how to establish the response mechanism to the service oriented government. In the first chapter, the background, significance, theoretical basis and the research results of domestic and foreign research are described, at the same time, the research ideas and methods of the research, the possible innovation and the insufficiency of the whole introduction. The second chapter mainly discusses the related concepts of the basic level government, the elements of the response mechanism and the model type. The third chapter according to the research results of Dangtu County Government response mechanism, analysis of the current situation of the government response mechanism. The fourth chapter mainly discusses the factors that affect the construction of response mechanism. The fifth chapter discusses how to construct an effective response mechanism from the aspects of the main body, the object, and the feedback, which provides a reference value for the improvement of the basic government response to the construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government response, Response, Response mechanism, Response type government
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