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Study On The Relocation And Resettlement Of Dongchuan Mining Area

Posted on:2017-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Resource based cities as a national development and growth of endogenous power and source for the prosperity of our country and the rise of an indelible contribution to the force. At the same time, with the special resources as the pillar industries of the city, but also to drive, a considerable part of the population of the city. Dongchuan, this because of the ore, known for mine, due to the rise and fall of the ore mining city, since the Shang era began copper mining activities; in the Qing Dynasty, support from the Qing Dynasty finance "semi currency Jiangshan"; to "15" period, Dongchuan Copper Deposit is listed as one of the 156 national key construction projects, become our country important nonferrous metal industrial base. However, over exploitation of mineral resources in a long time, resulting in accelerated resource consumption, copper based reserves are on the verge of exhaustion, and pose a huge threat to the sustainable development of Dongchuan.In 2008, approved by the State Council, Dongchuan was listed as one of the 44 resource depletion type pilot cities in the country. Copper resources over exploitation and utilization brought many negative effects, from the point of view from the recent, the waste of mineral resources, mining order and chaos, mine production safety situation is grim, mine ecological damage and other serious problems, to the local government management brought great challenges; in the long run, living beyond their means, "eat rice, broken their future", countries are difficult to sustainable development. And the impact of mine ecological damage caused by a wide range, high cost of governance, governance is difficult, but also to the transformation and development of Dongchuan impasse.Dongchuan mining area is vast, rich in copper resources. Due to the mining period is long, single method mining, mining process lack of scientific and rational planning, in the mining area gradually formed a certain scale of mine goaf, part of goaf surface collapse will seriously, the formation of a large number of subsidence area. Regional ecological function degradation leads to frequent landslides, mudslides and other natural disasters, geological disaster area over a broad area, a direct impact on and endanger the living in goaf and subsidence area and geologic disaster danger zone (hereinafter referred to as the "three zone") range of masses normal production and life of the rank order. Such as long-term mineral mining resulting in the local water level decline, resulting in mass production and living water difficult, restricted the development of economy and society, local residents the basic loss of survival and development of space; living within the scope of the "three zones" in the masses, often due to heavy rains or continuous rain triggered landslides, mudslides and other geological disasters and trapped, disaster, miserable life. So, relocation help masses of the "three zones" out of danger of production and living area, the re development and rebuild their homes in the first choice.This article obtains from Dongchuan Mining Area Survey, with the development of Dongchuan Mining context, boils, through field visits, observation, showing the development of mining caused to the Dongchuan people’s production and life. The author believes that to solve the living plight of the people living in the three area, we must carry out the relocation of immigrants. The Dongchuan Dongchuan Dongchuan in the "three zone" relocation (a) project implementation entire process focus on "three zone" relocation and resettlement issues in-depth study, through literature research method, statistics analysis method, interview method and questionnaire method, regarding the overall governance theory, public policy theory, push and pull theory and social identity theory, analysis of the "three zone" the relocation and resettlement work highlights the problems, including:mining goaf subsidence area geology disaster area ("three zone") resources and environment problems, immigration policy system is not perfect, the grass-roots government responsibilities are not equal, the petition issues outstanding, immigration and social integration difficult. Combined with the literature I read and learn professional knowledge and be engaged in relevant work experience, use of ecological immigration, immigration social adaptation and public management theory, proposed Dongchuan "three zone" immigration relocation resettlement work of reasonable suggestions:straighten out the order of mining industry; second, improve the policy making mechanism; third, to strengthen sectoral coordination level; fourth, enrich the connotation of the petition work; fifth, to enhance the level of community management.Dongchuan "three areas" resettlement work is the region, the city and the province’s concern, concern the livelihood of the people, social problems. Because of the time and experience is limited, the author’s research there are many shortage of place, however the pictures, charts, data and information are true and reliable source, expected in the future (two, three, four, five) relocation and resettlement work, the research results of this paper can provide theoretical and practical basis for decision-making of local government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mining area migration, Relocation and resettlement, Resource exhausted city, Dongchuan District
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