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Research On Government Purchase In The Management Of Civil Servant Examination In Yunnan Province

Posted on:2017-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330488464177Subject:Public management
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With the rapid development of economy and society, the social management functions of government departments are changing initiatively and passively, and the functions of government public services are constantly strengthened. At present, our country is in the critical period of deepening the reform. The contradiction between the inefficient supply of public services which are provided by government departments at all levels and public service diversification demand is more and more obvious. The requirements of government departments to change administrative idea, and to improve administrative efficiency to meet the needs of social development, has become more and more urgent. Meanwhile, social organizations are also in constant development and expansion, these all provide a rare opportunity for the government to purchase public services from those social forces.In the process of government administration innovation, local governments at all levels continue to explore the practice of government purchase of public services, and achieved remarkable results. As the same of other governments, Yunnan provincial government also promulgated policy documents to standardize and improve the government purchasing of public services. It provides a standardized policy framework for the practice of government purchasing public services. And it can promote the government purchasing public services to a further development.The large-scale civil service examination is the main way of competitive selection of public managers, the whole society are concerned about it. In recent years, with the civil service examination turning large-scaled, standardized and normalized, the requirement of proposition services from examinees is increasingly high. Along with the establishment and perfection the mechanism of government purchasing public services from the social forces, some problems in the management of the civil service examination proposition has become obvious. At the same time, the national and Provincial Personnel Examination Management Department also began to pay attention to the purchasing of proposition services in civil service examination, and actively promote the purchasing of proposition service. Therefore, the study which is focused on the proposition management of the civil service examination in Yunnan province of the government purchasing public services has a strong practical significance.Combined with the author’s practical work experience, and using the theories of public administration, choose Yunnan Province civil service examination proposition management as object to study the government purchasing public service. By combining the theory and the reality, and according to the theory of public service of government purchase, based on review and summary, to discuss the necessity of public services purchased by the government in the management of the civil service examination proposition, and find out the existing problems, analyses the reasons of these existing problems, and combined with the actual work of the Yunnan provincial civil service examination management, bring out countermeasures and suggestions of purchasing examination proposition services.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service government purchases, test proposition management, civil service examination, public administration
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