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Public Service Social Organization Chengdu Government Purchases

Posted on:2015-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our government to buy social organization of public services took place in the international and domestic factors combined are the result of the Government’s initiative to learn, is the crystallization under the guidance of reform and opening up policy. On the one hand with the continuous development of market-oriented economic and social economy, people’s demand for public services with corresponding differences and diversity of the situation more and more obvious. With the other hand, the rapid pace of economic globalization, social change management functions among government also subtle. At present, China is deepening reform of the new opportunities, build and develop social organizations, organizations play an active role in society has become a transformation of government functions, an increasingly important aspect of promoting economic and social development. China Central Committee of the Communist Party of the eighteenth through the third plenary session,"CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues," made it clear that "fit matters to public service and provided by social organizations, social organizations assume by" this is changing the way government functions and public services a clear direction, but also to the development of social organizations has brought new opportunities. Government procurement of public services to the new mode of social organization is currently public services provided by the Government. Contradiction of the government’s public service delivery inefficiencies and growing demand for public services is becoming increasingly fierce, and continuous development and improvement of social organization, which makes the government purchase of public services to the community organizations will choose to become China’s public service development.With the rapid economic and social development, development of social organizations in Chengdu soon, the number of social organizations in September2012set out a sub-provincial city in the country, and is also involved in expanding the field, in the political, economic, fields of culture, education, science and technology play an important role, and to undertake the transfer of government functions to create a new social management system also plays a role can’t be ignored. However, compared with the current needs of society development, the ability to undertake their own social organization of public services has yet to be a substantial increase in government purchase program of public services has yet to be optimized. This article first summarizes the analysis of the Chengdu Municipal Government through the purchase of public services to the community organizations practice characteristics, from policies and systems, purchasing practices and specific aspects, combing the main ways to buy social organization of public services in Chengdu, the Chengdu Municipal Government to explore and study buy social organization of public service practice problems, and then by combining the actual situation of economic and social development in Chengdu, the social organization of public services offered to buy the practice questions corresponding countermeasures.
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