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The New Public Service And Its Revelation To Our Service-oriented Government Construction

Posted on:2013-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374482020Subject:Political Theory
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Since the late1970s and the early1980s, in order to meet the challenges of the new technology revolution, economic globalization and financial crisis, New Zealand, Britain, the United States, Canada, Finland, France and other western developed countries have launched the new public management movement to reform the government management system. The new public management movement is not only in the western developed countries, but also extended to a number of developing countries stage by stage. As a fashion point of the world, the new public management movement has attracted criticisms of both the methods and the goals of its analyses. Among the questions and criticisms of the new public management, the new public service theory, which proposed by Robert B. Denhardt and Janet V. Denhardt, is the most comprehensive, most representative and most influential theory.The new public service dose not totally repudiate the new public management theory, but critically assimilates the rational parts of the new public management theory and put forward different ideas and perspectives with the new public management theory. The tendency towards managerialism and the preference for instrumental reason, and spirit of entrepreneurship and the excessive pursuit of efficiency value in the new public management were reflected and criticized by the new public service. In the opinion of the Denhardts, if the government function is merely "steers the ship", the government will ignore the complexity and diversity of its responsibility. The government should expand citizen participation and strengthen community building, and security democratic citizenship, and revert to the humanist, treat "service" as its core functions. Only in this way can it pursues and realizes public interests. At present, the construction of service-oriented Government in China still faces many problems. The new public service provides a useful inspiration for building a service-oriented government. We can adopt the following measures:struggle to enhance the service administration; actively promote democratic administration; take citizen as basis and insist on humanism; Regard the public interest as our purpose; build a new model of cooperative governance; reasonably proportion the equity and efficiency; struggle to build a responsible government, and so on. These recommendations will help to promote the construction and improvement of our service-oriented government.This paper discusses the new public service’s theoretical background, origin and bases with the method of literature analysis, historical analysis, and comparative analysis. On this basis, the paper further explores the value and significance of the new public service and the conjunctions with our service-oriented government. The paper aims to provide valuable theoretical guidance and reference for our service-oriented government construction, so as to facilitate and promote the construction of service-oriented government in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Traditional Public Administration, New Public Management, NewPublic Service, Service-oriented Government
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