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The Direction Of Development Of Large-scale Hydropower Project Construction Management System By The Ertan Hydropower Station Construction Management System Practice

Posted on:2001-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From 1949 to 1 980s, the investment in the construction and operation of large hydroelectric projects had always been made by the state oniy. Under this condition, the owner was the contractor, and the construction of the projects were carried out in accordance with the order of the administrative authorities of the state, and transferred to relevant power management departments after finished. Actually, in this mode, the construction and the management of the projects were separated. In the mid 1980s, the hydroelectric project construction structural system reform ~vas started. followed with the reform of economic system in the country, out-contracting system was carried out firstly, then other reforming measures were adopted. However, the traditional mode for the construction of the large hydroelectric projects was not thoroughly changed until the beginning of 1990s. Begainning with a proposal to build a modern enterprise system raised in November 1993 at The Third Plenaiy Session of the Fourteenth Central Committee, innovation on structural system of the enterprise has pushed forward and to a new level. Exactly at this time, the investment system reform on capital construction increasingly deepened, and the construction of the main works of Ertan Hydroelectric Project was started. Under the circumstances, Ertan Hydroelectric Development Company (EHDC), established in 1989, became an independent legal person in some extent. We can learn lessons加m the structural system reform ofEHDHDC,so as to promotC the reformof*the state-ownedenterprlses,especlallythe reform of*the la吧ehydroelectric prqectconstnlctlon system· The article irstly analyzesthe traditional constl·uctlon systenl of*the(一 厂la侣e hydroelectrlcprqects,then reviews theprocess and experience ofthe structural system reform duringthe construction of*theuction ErtanHydroelectric Pr叼ect,as well as someproblems exposedduringtheconstruction.Based oil the analysis,some proposals for solvingtheproblem.s,especially forthe selectloll of*theloll stnctllral system forthe呷hydroelectric collstructlon are set out.The prupose of the article Is todedicate sonlegood ideas andproposalsfortlle structural ando吧anlzatlollal system reform of*the state-o仰ed enterprises,especiallyfor the l argarge hydroelectric prqect construction· Partone Is aboutthetradltlonal system forthela侣ehydroelectflcprqectconstructlon.Firstly,ltpolnts outthatthetradltlonal systemhas'positively causal relationship with hlstom because the system was rootedIn planning system.Then,It showes thatthe tr劝ltlonal system does raisesome problems.For example,the Inves加ent can notbe take back,theInvestment budget can not be controlled,and effective risk contfol systemand bind system can not be established,etc. P劝 IWO COfl。effis thC CStab!互shn1Cllt sfld fC-estBbh幻lffiCflt。f E HDHDC.卜As【he owner ot the titan Frolect,hHDC has adooted the the。o洲e卜centeredresponslblllty system since its establishment.But,atthat 9让一,龙epr。pewngN。【山elnve幻—ent—。sn。tde外出er。咖sm4。," duties ofdlfferentpartles Involved In the prqectwere not defined,the decision-maklllgrlght of*thegrlght pr刊ectduringthe consitutuctlon was not thoroughly handedoverto EmC,the limits ofGovemment's admlnlstratlve powers and the functions for state propnet叨 rights were not separated.In 1995,with the further research of*thech stated-owned enterprisesl·eform carried out In the whole countm andthe u汕er devefoplnent of the socM佃 economic system,EHDC adjusted its o侣anlzatlon and man吧ement system,and become a new corporation In accordance with the PR.C ComPmPanyLaw and the name of*theyLaw new EHD...
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