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From The "legend", "ylang Ylang" Case Study Of The Enterprise Marketing Management Practice

Posted on:2001-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360002951811Subject:Business Administration
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Today, the environment and situation of China economy have been a tremendous changing. China has achieved a great development on it's economy in past fifteen years and is devoting itself on the establishment of market economy. In the market, most enterprises are finding that their supplies are exceeding market demands. China will be the membership of WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION by the end of year 2000. The economic globalization will bring China close and more exchange with the whole world; there are not only opportunities but also competition to Chinese enterprises. The scientific technologies are developing very fast and then transferred quickly to commercial application. In market nowadays customers have more choices and their requirements are changing. In industries, most businesses are in normal competition and there is less and less monopoly. Facing the current environment and situation, how do Chinese enterprises cope with? They must reform and adjust their thought and ways of running businesses, the most important thing is to change their thought and conception of running businesses into market orientation and customer driving based on new systematic theory. Western countries have established a set of theories on market operation and management, which are much valuable for Chinese enterprises to learn from. We understand that theories of market economy came from market practices with extracting common characters of the practices in market and are developed as the guide of practices. Each enterprise usually use these theories to quid practice with combination of it's own situation and character, thus we have seen different and colorful ways of operation and management which created by enterprises in market. Among the theories, MARKET MANAGEMENT is the most important one when enterprises are acting in market and dealing with customers, also competitors. In this thesis, the writer used two important conceptions: strategy planning and marketing tactics combination, to analyze two cases, one is on LENEND GROUP of IT industry and the other is on YILAN GROUP of detergent industry. LEGEND GROUP analyzed the market environment correctly and located itself properly in market position, chose to a "TRADING, PRODUCTION, TECHNOLOGY" strategic way, exerted its core ability advantages. LEGEND GROUP adhered to market orientation and customer-driving policy in it's marketing tactics combination. It kept creative on it's products with pricing always competitive and attached the most importance on market channel. It tried its best and has planted the big tree-LEGEND GROUP deeply into the soil of Chinese market, came into a fruitful success: No.1 in Chinese PC market. YILAN GROUP did not evaluate correctly the new environment and its position in market, failed to strengthen the foundation of its core ability and diversified the use of its resources. Then YILAN GROUP gradually lost its leading position in detergent industry. In its marketing tactics, YILAN GROUP concentrated more on sales promotion but somehow ignored the effort on market channel construction, thus resulted in inputting much but getting return little. Through the analysis, we conclude that Chinese enterprises will have chance to success if they can acclimatize themselves to new environment with the setup of marketing management system based on market orientation.
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