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Zonation And Evaluation On Sustainable Utilization Of Cultivated Land Resources In Fujian Province

Posted on:2004-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092498027Subject:Soil science
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Cultivated land was precious natural resources , and it was launched to study zonation and evaluation on sustainable utilization of Fujian province cultivated land resources in order to reflect main factor about influence cultivated land resource sustainable , construct information system about zonation and evaluation on sustainable utilization of cultivated land resource , realize computer management on zonation and evaluation on sustainable utilization of cultivated land in the whole province , offer scientific basis about effective protection and utilized rationally of cultivated land resource in Fujian Province and sustainable development of agriculture.Based on collected the cultivated land utilization in Fujian Province relevant data materials and map in this research , through initial analysis zonation and evaluation on cultivated land resource sustainable to utilize of variable was put forward in the whole province . Utilized the factor analysis approach to construct the evaluation factor system , carried the dynamic cluster's analytic approach to zone cultivated land resources sustainable utilization , adopted two compare with and arrange in an order law set up fuzzy function to calculate evaluation cultivated land of every unit utilize sustainable degree ; probed into the sustainable countermeasure that utilized of resource of cultivated land in the whole province; and built cultivated land resources sustainable utilization in Fujian Province spatial and attribute data base through MapGis software.The result of study showed : (1)16 evaluation factor systems formed of 21 evaluation indexes, such as area of cultivated land per capita ,etc., contribution rate up to 95.55% totally to cultivated land resource sustainable utilization , from resources sustainable , ecological environment sustainable > productivity sustainable N produce management system sustainable and socioeconomic benefit sustainable five respect reflected cultivated land resource sustainable utilization intension, could be as the sustainable effective index that utilized the zonation and evaluation on cultivated land resource of Fujian Province. (2)68 of Fujian Province cultivated land of county( city, district) resource sustainable to utilize and could divide into two district. The first type district included Fuqing city 18 county( city, district), the great majority lay in the south of Fujian Province area, it was cultivatedland resources that utilized the better area sustainable . The second type district included 50 counties, such as Fuzhou,etc.( city, district), Lying in the north of Fujian Province, the northwest of Fujian and east area of Fujian mainly, and it was cultivated land resources that utilized the general area sustainable . The result in zonation was better to consistency compare with Fujian Province comprehensive agriculture zoning. (3)6 counties, such as Minhou, Youxi, Putian, Quanzhou, Lianjiang and Fuqing of the first type district.( city, district) and 5 counties, such as Dehua, Wuyi city, Yongchun, datian, jianou of the second type district ( city, district) cultivated land resource sustainable degree ( namely fuzzy membership value) greater than 541 , higher than other county( city, district) ,obviously it indicated their cultivated land sustainable utilization relatively better.According to result in zonation and evaluation , countermeasures were proposed about cultivated land resource sustainable utilize in Fujian Province . It followed: (1)Seized the opportunity, perfected relevant system and policy, made the sustainable development strategy; (2)Took the effective measure, protected the basic farmland; (3)Improved the medium-and-low-yield farmland , improved the ecological environment of cultivated land, improved cultivated land quality and productive potentialities; (4)Optimized the cultivated land of utilization structure, developed ecological agriculture, raised the economic benefits of cultivated land.
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