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Group Decision Making In The Supply Chain Model

Posted on:2003-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062990311Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Supply Chain has developed little by little through tens of trails and hardships since late seventies of the 20th century, and has been the most primary functional network structure model of the enterprises in the 21st century. Furthermore, Supply Chain Management has absorbed and integrated all advanced management conception of ERP, CRM, MRPII, JIT and BPR, and has been the most primary management model in the 21st century. Meanwhile, under the push of information technology and on the basis of artificial intelligence technology and control technology, group decision-making from decision-making theories has been the most universal and effective decision-making theory and method for the member enterprises of Supply Chain in the 21st century. This dissertation based on the commonness and individuality of the two theories, finds the optimal conjoint point of the two, and deeply analyzes all kinds of decision-making that may be encountered in the environment of Supply Chain, and then constructs many decision-making methods and models from different points of view to realize the whole optimal of Supply Chain.First, in the exordium, this dissertation analyzes the present problems and status quo of the group decision-making methods and models in Supply Chain, and emphasizes upon the group decision-making essence in Supply Chain and its significant meaning. In the second chapter, this dissertation expatiates on the group decision-making management conception base on Supply Chain and group decision-making correlative theories. In the third chapter, this dissertation gives a whole conceptual frame, and then expounds its main support techniques. In the fourth chapter, this dissertation elaborates all universal group decision-making methods and models in Supply Chain. Due to these methods' university, the fourth chapter is the core of this dissertation. After that, this paper presents group decision-making methods and models in manufacture and marketing departments, and emphases on the hot CRM, which supplies a gap in the analytical CRM. Last, this dissertation gives a detail demonstration of the whole system relying on the practice experience in SKSCIMS in Hengyang.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain, Group Decision-making, Method, Model
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