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After Wto Accession, China To Go Abroad To The Development Prospects Of The Service Corporation And Corresponding Countermeasures,

Posted on:2002-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z P HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092965217Subject:Business Administration
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The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the financial reports and operating circumstances of China National Service Corporation For Chinese Personnel Working Abroad (CNSC), explore the problems existing in CNSC's management, definitude the impact and challenge after entry into WTO, anticipate CNSC's development future and put forward efficient development strategy and improving methods.\The thesis is made of four parts:Firstly, introduces CNSC's development history, present operation and the situation of competition opponents桟hina duty-free group.CNSC is a state-owned commercial enterprise, which runs duty-free commodities. At the beginning of its establishment, CNSC made full use of duty-free policy, not only made a great contribution to the country for collecting and submitting large sums of foreign currencies, but also laid a sound foundation for CNSC's future development. But, with the rapid development of domestic economy, the demand-supply relation in consumer goods market has made a great change, consumer behavior and consumer demand also have been changed, competition becomes more and more fierce. CNSC's duty-free commodities sales amount is decreasing sharply while other business starts later with low profit CNSC's operation faces serious crisis.Secondly, the thesis utilizes financial report analyzing method, particularly assesses CNSC's profit-making ability, management ability and debt paying ability one by one, in order to reveal the existing problems and shortcomings in the company's management;Through analyzing 1998?000 year financial reports, comparing relevant financial condition of the listed company on stock market, we may aware that CNSC's management ability is very low, the profit-making ability is declined year by year, its management on human resource, capital and stock is in the problem, its management thoughts, strategy layout and company image-building need to be changed and improved.Thirdly, WTO rules are used to analyze and explore the influence and challenge on CNSC after entry into WTO,WTO rules, such Free-trade clause, most-favored-nation clause, etc. will deeply influence on company's operation, especially low tariffs after WTO will directly weaken CNSC's advantage on selling duty-free commodities. The improved investment circumstance will not only benefit CNSC's internationalizing with more chance to cooperate with foreign companies, but also make market competition more fiercely. CNSC will face to severe challenge on operation mechanism, operation thoughts, and operation strength and commodity price.Finally, it takes SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) method, studies thedevelopment environment and conditions, makes overall development strategy and main business operation strategy and puts forward opinions and measurement on management.Although CNSC has plenty of sums and good geographic location, main business is cutting down, human resource management mechanism lags behind, capital management is less efficient, and marketing management is lacking. Facing to the quickly changed retail market, opportunity after WTO and threat from competition, CNSC should reinforce management, set up study organization and make full use of self-advantages and rules of WTO, seek good cooperation with foreign companies and export-oriented development, in order to strengthen core competition ability.
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